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ক্লাস 12 -এর সিলেবাএর গুরুত্বপূর্ন অংশ হল Play . The Proposal -এর সম্ভাব্য MCQ এবং Large Answer Type Question আলোচিত হল । এর সাথে সাথে সম্ভাব্য Grammar গুলিও দেওয়া হল । এগুলি HS 2023 অর্থাৎ এবছরেরর জন্য গুরুত্বপূর্ন। এগুলি য়দি ডাউনলোড করতে চান তাহলে নীচে ডাউনলোড বাটনে ক্লিক করলেও পাওয়া যাবে ।

Dear Students, পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতির সেরা ঠিকানা, আজ আমরা আপনাদের জন্য নিয়ে এসেছি The Proposal Questions and Answers. নিচে Post টি যত্নসহকারে পড়ুন ও জ্ঞানভাণ্ডার বৃদ্ধি করুন। নিয়মিত
বিনামূল্যে পড়াশোনা করতে এবং নোটস, সাজেশান, প্রশ্ন উত্তর ইত্যাদি স্টাডি ম্যাটেরিয়াল PDF আকারে বিনামূল্যে ডাউনলোড করতে এবং ভিডিও ক্লাস করতে আমাদের ওয়েবসাইট ভিজিট করুন।

The Proposal Questions and Answers


1) ‘The Proposal’ is a play of ——- a) one act,  b) two act,  c) three act,  d) four act.

2) The play ‘ The Proposal’ was originally written in —– a) English,  b) Italian,  c) Russian,  c) Spanish.

3) ‘The Proposal’ is a —- a) Comedy,  b) tragedy,  c) farce,  d) tragic-comedy.

4) Lomov suffers from —–  a) tuberculosis,  b) palpitations,  c) arthritis,  d) cancer.

5) Lomov inherited his land from his—– a) father,  b) father-in-law,  c) aunt and her husband,  d) parents.

6) Natalya Stepanovna is —–  a) 25 years old,  b) 20 years old,  c) 18 years old,  d) 22 years old.

7) The total area of Oxen Meadows is —–  a) 13 acres,  b) 12.5 acres,  c) 10.5 acres,  d) 13.5 acres.

8) Chubukov bought Squeezer for —– a) 185 roubles,  b) 65 roubles,  c) 25 roubles,  d) 85 roubles.

9) Natalya thinks that Lomov is going to —- a) a marriage ceremony,  b) a ball,  c) a fashion show,  d) a dog show.

10) Lomov is —– a) 35 years old,  b) 34 years old,  c) 33 years old,  d) 32 years old.

11) The name of Natalya’s / Chubukov’s dog was —— a) Tom,  b) Jim,  c) Guess,  d) Squeezer.

12) The name of Lomov’s dog was —– a) Tom,  b) Jim,  c) Guess,  d) Squeezer.

13) Lomov bought Guess for——-  a) 125 rupees,  b) 225 pounds,  c) 125 roubles,  d) 225 roubles.

14) Chubukov called Lomov’s father ——  a) a drunkard,  b) a thief,  c) a back-bitter, d) a guzzling gambler.

15) Natalya is —–  a) not educated,  b) well educated,  c) just literate, d) informally educated.

16) The son of Harness and Chisels is —– a) Guess,  b) Squeezer,  c) cab-horse,  d) the count’s dog.

17) In the play ‘ The Proposal’  the first argument was over —– a) dogs,  b) Oxen Meadows,  c) estates,  d) gifts.

18) In the play ‘ The Proposal’  the second argument was over —– a) dogs,  b) Oxen Meadows,  c) estates,  d) gifts.

19) Natalya called Lomov’s aunt —– a) a fox,  b) a dog,  c) a parrot,  d) a back-bitter.

20) Chubukov warns Lomov that he will shoot him like —–  a) a fox,  b) a dog,  c) a parrot, d) partridge.

21) Natalya lent Lomov their —-  a) ladder,  b) ropes,  c) tractor,  d) threshing machine.

22) Lomov’s younger aunt was —-  a) Natalya Sarapova,  b) Natalya Mikhail,  c) Natalya Mihailovna,  d) Maria Ivanwitch.

23) Oxen Meadows are wedged between —-  a) bamboo forest and birchwoods,  b) mango grove and pine forest,  c) birchwoods and the Burnt Marsh,  d) none of the above.

24) On the Marusinsky hunt, Guess ran neck to neck with —–  a) the king’s dog,  b) the minister’s dog,  c) The doctor’s dog,  d) the count’s dog.

25) Lomov mentioned that there is a twitch in his right —- a) muscle,  b) ankle,  c) eye brow,  d) arm.

26) Natalya said that the had Oxen Meadows for nearly —–  a) 300 years,  b) 400 years,  c) 250 years,  d) 350 years.

26)  Natalya asks Lomov to catch —- a)  dogs,  b) cockroch,  c) back-bittles  d)  cats.

27) Why is the proposal acceptable to all parties? a) Chubukaov really likes Lomov,  b) Lomov loves Natalya,  c) Natalya loves Lomov, d) It’s good working arrangement.

28) Before giving proposal to Natalya Lomov feels — a) nerves,  b) lunatic,  c) smart,  d) excited.

29) “You pettifogger!”- the word ‘pettifogger’ means — a) a lawyer who deals with petty cases,  b) an architect,  c) a landowner,  d) a drunkard.

30) Squeezer was the son of — a) Harness and Done,  b0 Chisels and Robert,  c) Tom and Kitty,  d) Harness and Chisles.

31) In order to use Oxen Meadows, the peasants  had to — a) work as a slave,  b) make bricks ,  c)  bake bricks,  d) pay money.

32) Lomov bought Guess from——- a)Volchanetsky,  b) Guess,  c) Mirnov,  c) the Count,  d) the Duke.

33) Lomov feels the pull of his sleep — a) only two times,  b) six or seven times,  c) about ten times,  d) twenty time .

34) According to Lomov, the peasants used the land for —- a) thirty five years,  b) forty years,  c) thirty ears,  d) forty five years.

35) According to Natalya, Guess was — a) old,  b) ugly,  c) worn out ,  d) all of the above.

36) “I jumped up like a lunatic” — here the word ‘lunatic’ means —a) lovely,  b) insane,  c) insensible,  d) sadly.

37) According to Chubukov, Guess is old and he is short in —– a) height,  b) supply,  c) size,  d) muzzle.

38) Lomov feels a twitch in his right —- a) leg,  b) eye,  c) eye-brow,  d) hand.

39) Before proposing to Natalya, Lomov feels as if he were —- a) in an examination hall,  b) police station,  c) in a court,  d) in a flower garden.

40) Lomov’s dog has gone — a) blind,  b) dumb,  c) deaf,  d) lame.

41) “He’s old and as ugly as a worn-out cab horse”—here ‘he’ refers to — a) Squeezer,  b) Guess,  c) Marusinky,  d) Harness.

42) “That he is overshot”—here the speaker is —-a) Chubukov,  b) Lomov,  c) Natalya, d) Guess.

43) In the play ‘The Proposal’ ‘the old rat’ is called to – a) Lomov,  b) Natalya,  c) Chubukov,  d) None of them.

44) In the play ‘The Proposal’ who is mentioned as ‘drunkard’ —- a) Lomov,  b) Chubukov’s father,  c) Lomov’s father,  d) Chubukov.

45) When Lomov comes to meet Natalya, she was — a) ironing clothes,  b) shelling peas for drying,  c) having lunch,  d) sleeping.

46) The cost of Oxen meadows is —- a) 185 roubles,  b) 165 roubles,  c) 300 roubles,  d) 85 roubles.

47) During conversation Natalya offers Lomov —- a) breakfast,  b) dinner,  c) lunch,  d) drinking water.

48) On the day of Marusinsky hunt Squzeer worried a —- a) goat,  b) cat,  c) sheep,  d) mouse.

49) Chubukov’s grandfather was tried for —– a) theft,  b) robbery,  c) encroachment,  d) embezzlement.

50) The chubukovs had to put off their own thrashing till—-  a) May,  b) July,  c) November,  d) April.

51) The play ‘ The Proposal’ was originally written in —– a) English,  b) Italian,  c) Russian,  c) Spanish.


1) Justify the title of the play ‘The Proposal’.

Ans: The title of the play ‘The Proposal’ is significant. The play centers round the marriage proposal of 35 years old land owner Lomov and 25 years old well-ueducated, good looking Natalya. The play brings to light the commercial interest of the marriage proposal. Lomov does not come to marry Natalya out of love. He thinks of economic gain, so does Natalya and Chubukov. It is to keep Oxen Meadows in possession. After a bitter verbal fight with each other and insult upon one another Natalya and Lomov agreed to marry. All the three characters in the play have a common desire which is the marriage proposal. The title thus reels at the marriage proposal that is of less importance to the characters.

                   Hence the title is apt and appropriate.

2) Make a brief sketch of social life as you find in the play ‘The Proposal’. *****


3) Discuss the reasons why the marriage proposal is important to all characters in the play ‘The Proposal’.? ***

Ans: The one-act play ‘The Proposal’ focuses a slice of life of the upper middle class society in Russia. The characters in the play are landowners. The play states that the marriage in this time was not on love but on economic gain and social stability. Lomov wants to marry Natalya not because he loves her but because he wants to establish grip over Oxen Meadows. On the other hand Natalya wants to marry Lomov because of his fame and fortune. Chubukov is drawn to Lomov because the relationship with him will increase his social prestige. More over thses people are possessive in nature and are proud of their possessions. This motive of economic is clear in the common desire of the marriage proposal by all three characters.

4) “Bring him back ! Bring him back ! Ah back !’ – Who says this? When does  the speaker say this? Why does the speaker want to bring him back ( Bring out the ironay of the situation) ? [ 1+1+4 ] ***

Ans :  Natalya sais to his father Chubukov

                   Natalya heard from his father that Lomov had come their house to propose her but they they driven him out. Hearing this Natalya said this to her father.

          Due to their conversation the quarrel achieves the subjective plane. In a broken heart Lomov departs. Hearing the cause of Lomov’s arrival Natalya becomes mad with anger for her father. She insists her father to bring him back because she wants Lomov for his fame and fortune.

5) “I’m trembling all over” — Who is the speaker? When did he say this? Discuss in brief his feelings at that time? / Why does Lomov think Natalya will be suitable wife for him?  [ 1+1+4 ]

Ans:  Here the speaker is Lomov, the land owner.

                   When Chubukov went to call his daughter to introduce Lomov, he said this to himself.

When Chubukov left the room Lomov was all alone. He started to think about his future. He thought that he must make up his mind at first. After thinking in another direction he felt that he must marry to lead a quite and regular life. For this Natalya would make an acceptable wife. She was an excellent house keeper, not bad looking and also well educated. He added that he faced the problem of anxiety. He  clarified that as soon as he went to bed and slept he could feel a pull in his shoulder and head. Thus this mental conflict morseled him.


Voice change

i) what more do I want?                                

ii) Bring him back!

iii) I don’t want the meadows.                       

iv) I’ll show you the documents.

v) You alone can help me.                           

  vi) Why didn’t you tell me so before?

Affirmative / Negative

i) Everybody knows that they’re ours.  [ Neg.]

ii) I remember everything.   [ Neg.]

iii) You won’t prove it.   [ Aff.]                      

iv) You alone can help me.  [ Neg.]

Exclamatory/ Assertive

i) What an idea!   [ Assertive]                        

ii) What rascal!   [ Assertive ]

iii) What a burden!   [ Assertive ]                 

   iv) What a tyrant!  [ Assertive ]

v) What a misfortune I have had! [ Ass.]       

   vi) Now this is a surprise!   [ Exclamatory ]

vii) It was very cheap.   [ Excl. ]

Degree Change

i) Squeezer is better than Guess. [ Positive Deg.]        

ii) He is the best dog in the district. [ Post. / Comp.]

iii) I am the most unhappy of men.  [ Post.]    

iv) His lower jaw is shorter than the upper. [post.]

v) Guess is worse than Squeezer. [ Post.]               

    vi) He’s as ugly as a worn-out cab horse. [ Com.]

Change of parts of speech

i) Your Guess, certainly has his good points. [ Adjective form ]

ii) I’m awfully excited.  [ Noun form ]            

iii) I assure you that his lower jaw is shorter than the upper.   [ Noun form ]

The End

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