Dramatization of a story Class 11 Project||Leela’s Friend Dramatization||The Selfish Giant||Jimmy Valentine

Class 11-এর সিলেবাসের অন্যতম অঙ্গ Project Work । আর এই Project এর অন্যম অংশ Dramatization of a story । তাই এই পোস্টটিতে তোমরা পাবে Dramatization of short story Leela’s Friend । এই Project টি কিভাবে ধাপে ধাপে লিখতে হবে তা দেওয়া হলো । সাথে ২টি অতিরিক্ত গল্পের, The Selfish Giant ও Jimmy Valentine -এর Dramatization ও শেষে দেওয়া হল ।

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Leela’s Friend Dramatization

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R.K. Narayan’s  short story ‘Leela’s Friend’

[Submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirement of class –XI Final Examination – 2023]




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I convey my heartfelt gratitude to Sri _____স্যারের নাম_______ to whom I am indebted in every sense to enable me to accomplish the task of submitting this project with his invaluable suggestions. It is his encouragement that has kindled my faculties to submit this project after careful course of investigation. I shall never forget the sincere, careful and active support given by my Teacher-in charge, group-mates and my parents to accomplish this task successfully.

Date: _____________                                                 ____________(নিজের স্বাক্ষর)________________

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This is to certify that this project report entitled ‘Leela’s Friend’   by______________________ Class XI,   Roll ______________ ,  Reg. No.  _____________________, year 2023, submitted in partial fulfillment to class XI English course during the present academic year is a bona fide record of work carried out under my guidance and supervision.


                                                                                                Signature of the project guide

                                                                                                                With date


                                                                                        Designation: Assistant Teacher

                                                                                                Department: English

                                                                                                School: ABC High School (H.S)

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1) Introduction                                                                                                                        

2) What is Dramatization                                                                                                     

3) Aim of the project                                                                                                             

4) Learning aspect of the project                                                                                        

5) Steps to output the project                                                                                              

6) Out put of the project                                                                                                      

7) Conclusion                                                                                                                                    

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Both the story and the drama tell some story in their own distinct way. Story tells of life in narration, a play through action in the form of dialogues. The story is generally a sort of prose fiction. It is narrated by the storyteller for the purpose of reading. The drama on the other hand, is a story, not to be simply narrated but to be acted on the stage. So dramatizing a short story is an interesting job for a writer. It is a challenging task – transformation of one art to another.

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Dramatization is the process through which a story is to be turned into a drama. This is a sort of conversation from story to drama. The drama may have stage directions in some narrative about the stage property. To dramatize a story is to present it as a spectacle on the stage with dialogue to carry it on.

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This project helps to develop the imaginative power, thoughts and ideas of the students in English literature. The students can carefully read the original story and develop his own idea to dramatize the same story in his own way. The students can think of different situation in the Indian background.

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* We should learn to develop the imaginative power, thoughts and ideas in English literature.

* We would be able to change situations constantly to make the story interesting.

* We also learn to dramatize a novel or a short story written by some famous English writer.

* This project helps us to adopt a linking for English literature.

পরের পাতা


* Selection of short stories.

* Group discussion and final selection.

* Teacher’s information about dramatization.

* A rough draft of the play prepared.

* Individual works produced.

* The final manuscript was written.

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Leela’s Friend

R. K. Narayan

             Dramatis Personae

  • Mr. Sivasanker—the owner of a house;
  • Mrs. Sivasanker—wife of Mr. Sivasanker;
  • Sidda—the servant of Mr. Sivasanker’s house
  • Leela—the five year old daughter of Mr. Sivasanker
  • Police Inspector
  • Constable
  • The Scene—Mr. Sivasanker’s Bungalow.
  • Time—Sometime in the year 1943



[Sivasanker was walking restlessly on the verandah. ]

Mrs, Sivasanker :    Why don’t you appoint a servant immediately ? I cannot just take

                                        all this burden of doing all household work along with cooking

food all by myself. Please do something urgently. Leela is troubling

me all the time. She has turned out to be restless. Appoint someone

who can do both—engage Leela with one thing or the other and do

the household work, gardening etc.

Mr. Sivasanker:        You are a bit extra bothered. It’s not all that easy to have a faithful

servant, Strange things are coming to light these days. I have got to

examine pros and cons of the matter. Moreover, tackling Leela is

not an easy task. Added to that he or she must have to be

resourceful and disciplined in his behaviour.

Leela : Pappa ! I want someone to play with.

Mr. Sivasanker: You have turned out to be even more naughty. Be quiet. I shall see to   



[Sidda, a young boy passes by Mr. Sivasanker’s bungalow. ]

Sidda :                       [shouting] Does anybody need a servant ? I can do everything.

Mr. Sivasanker:         Hello Boy ! Come in. Do you have any experience in this field ? Can you manage to do the household work ?

Sidda :                       I have lots of experience in this field. I worked in a doctor’s house over there. They left the place few days back. I can do all sorts of work you want me to do.

Mr. Sivasanker :      Why didn’t you search for another job by this time? It looks rather strange. Le me ask. Leela, ask your mother to come here.

(Mrs. Sivasanker comes at the verandah]

Mrs. Sivasanker :    Have you decided on the matter ? I don’t think, he is a bad fellow. We can rely on him. However, don’t for heaven’s sake, ask me to settle the issue. You please fix it up. I have lots of work to do in the kitchen. I’m going.

Leela:     Oh father! I like him. Don’t send him away. Let us keep him in our house.

Mr. Sivasanker :      Hello young man ! I’m pleased to hear you. Please start working in my house right from today. You will be given two meals a day and four rupees a month. You have to wash clothes, tend the garden, chop wood, do the shopping and obviously you have got to take care of Leela. In fact that’s your prime task.

Sidda :                       I do agree. Thank you. Can I start working from today ? I hope, I’m ready for a go.


[Leela and Sidda busy conversing with each other]

Leela :   Sidda, come and play! Why are you not coming yet ? Do leave the work and come to me.

Sidda :   Can you see the red ball in my hand? I‘m throwing the ball to you. Keep it. Now throw the ball into the sky.

Leela:      : See, Sidda, I’m throwing the ball into the sky. Will it touch the moon and come back ?

Sidda:  Yea! See the ball has got some moon on it. See to it minutely.

Leela: :    I don’t see any moon on it. You might be speaking lies. Where is the moon on it?

Sidda:  Come. You must be very quick about it. It will otherwise evaporate and go back to the moon. I give you the space to peep through the gap.

Leela : Ah yes! I see the moon but is the moon very wet ?

Sidda: Certainly it is wet. You can be assured about it.

Leela: What is in the sky ?

Sidda: God.

Leela: If we stand on the roof and stretch our arm, can we touch the sky ?

Sidda: Not if we stand on the roof here but surely if you stand on a coconut tree you can touch the sky.

Leela: Have you done it ?

Sidda: Yes, many times. Whenever there is a big moon I climb a coconut tree and touch it.

Leela : Does the moon know you ?

Sidda : Yes, very well. Now come with me. I will show you something nice. Here, near the rose, you see the moon, don’t you?

[He takes her to the back of the house, near the well and instructs her to look into it.]

Leela: The moon here ! It was there ! How is it?

Sidda_ : Actually, I have asked it to follow us about.

Leela: [runs to her mother] Mother, Sidda knows the moon, Is it not something  awfully wonderful



[Evening ; Leela with catalogues, illustrated books and a box filled with stumps of pencils, ]

Leela: Sidda, here is yet another pencil to write. Try and copy whatever I write in the pages of my catalogue.

Sidda_ : I can’t just do. I’m trying though.

Leela: [Seeing Sidda’s drawing] Is this how I have drawn the crow? Is that I have drawn the B? Come try again. I’m sure, Sidda, you will manage to learn it,

Sidda : Leela, your mother is calling you for dinner.

[Leela runs to her mother. After dinner she goes to the bedroom. Sidda goes with her to tell stories. ]

Leela: I have taken the dinner. Now tell me the story —the stories of animals in the jungle and Gods in heaven.

Sidda : Listen to me. Please sleep.


[Evening, Leela and Sidda come back from the shop buying sugar]

Mrs. Sivasanker : Leela, my daughter, where is your chain?

Leela : I don’t know.

Mrs. Sivasanker : How many times have I told you to take it off and put it in the box ? Sidda! Sidda! where is Leela’s chain ? You seem to be behaving strangely.

Sidda : I don’t know anything.

[Mrs. Sivasanker goes to the kitchen. Leela following her,]

Leela : Mother, give me some food. What are you doing in the kitchen? I’m really hungry. Mother, where is Sidda ?


[8 o’clock at night. Mr. Sivasanker enters and Mrs. Sivasanker informs him about the loss of the chain. He leaves for the police station immediately. ]

Mr. Sivasanker : Hello Inspector. I have a complaint to lodge. My servant Sidda has   stolen my daughter’s chain and vanished.

Police Inspector : OK. We are taking the complaint. You may rely on us. He will be detected soon. You may go home now.

(Mr. Sivasanker leaves the police station]

[At home]

Leela : Where is Sidda? I don’t like you mother. You always, abuse and worry Sidda. Why are you so rough?

Mrs. Sivasanker: Sidda has taken your chain. Forget him.

Leela: Let him. It doesn’t matter. Tell me a story.

Mrs. Sivasanker : I’m lucky that the villain hasn’t killed my daughter for her chain. What a dangerous creature he happens to be! Sleep, Leela, sleep-.God has saved you my dear daughter.

Leela:  Can’t you tell the story of the elephant !

Mrs. Sivasanker  : No.

Leela:   Why should not Sidda sit on our chair, mother ? Sidda is gone because he wouldn’t be allowed to sleep inside the house just as we do. Why should he always be made  to sleep outside the house, Mother ? I think he is angry with us, mother.

[Leela falls asleep, Mr. Sivasanker enters]

Mr. Sivasanker: What a risk we took in engaging that fellow. It seems he is an old criminal. He has been in jail half a dozen times stealing jewellery from children. From the description  I gave, the inspector was able to identify him in a moment. ‘

Mrs. Sivasanker : Where is he now?

Mr. Sivasanker: The police know his haunts. They will pick him up very soon. Don’t worry. The inspector was furious that I didn’t contact him before employing Sidda.


[ Evening time ; the police Inspector, 4 constable and Sidda enter Sivasanker’s home]

Leela:         Sidda | Sidda | why didn’t you come So long? Where had you been? Come, play with me. Oh police, leave him. I’lll play with him.

Inspector : Don’t go near him. You are an innocent baby. Don’t touch him.

Leela :          Why not !

Inspector : He is a thief. He has taken away your gold chain.

Leela :          Let him. I will have a new chain.

Inspector :  Oh my dear! I cannot help laughing. You are so innocent.

Mr. Sivasanker : Sidda, look at me- Please give back the chain. The inspector will release you. You are so good. Confess and give the chain back. We all love you. Come on Sidda. Give the chain back.

Sidda :    Believe me . I  haven’t taken the chain.

Inspector :  Even now it is not too late Sidda. Return it. I will let you off provided you promise no to do such a thing again.

Mr. & Mrs. Sivasanker : (together) : Oh Sidda, come on. You are so dear to us. Give the chain back. We’ll see to it that the Inspector releases you.

Leela :  Oh policeman, leave Sidda alone. I want to play with him.

Inspector :  My dear child! he is a thief.

Leela :   (haughtily) Let him be.

Inspector : (pointing to Sidda) What a devil you must be to steal a thing from such an innocen child. Even now it is not too late. Return it. I will let you off, provided you promise not to do such a thing again.

Leela :  Leave Sidda alone. He is suffering for no cause. He hasn’t taken the chain, I repeat.

Inspector :   (humorously) You are not at all a reliable prosecution witness, my child.

Leela : (screaming) Leave him, I say, leave him. He hasn’t taken my chain.

Mr. Sivasanker. : Baby, if you don’t behave, I will be very angry with you.



[7.30 p.m. at Sivasanker’s bungalow.]

Inspector :  (pointing to the constable) Take him to the station. I think I shall have to sit with him tonight.

Constable :  (taking Sidda by the hand) Oh villain |! Come with me. Leela ; (crying) Don’t take him. Leave him here, leave him here.

Mr. Sivasanker : Oh my baby come with me. Let them take him. He is a thief.


[Ten days later]

[Evening, Mr, Sivasanker returns from his office.]

Mrs. Sivasanker : Did you go to the police station today? Has he confessed? Oh what a villain he was in reality.

Mr, Sivasanker : They still have him in the lockup, though he is very stubborn and won’t say anything about the jewel. However, don’t mind. They are pressing him high. Soon he will confess. I believe.

Mrs. Sivasanker:  (Shivering) Oh ! what a rough fellow he must be.

Mr, Sivasanker :  Oh, these fellows who have been in jail once or twice lose all fear. Nothing can make them confess.

Mrs. Sivasanker : We are lucky he hasn’t killed Leela for the chain. It doesn’t matter if we lose the chain. Our daughter, however, is free from danger. Isn’t it ?

Mr, Sivasanker : You are absolutely right. God has saved our dear daughter.


[A few days later, in the kitchen in Sivasanker’s house. ]

Mrs. Sivasanker : Oh my God! here I got the chain from the tamarind pot. Yea ! it is invariably Leela’s chain. Let me remove the coating of tamarind on it.

Leela: Give the chain to me. I want to wear it.

Mrs. Sivasanker : : Leela, my daughter, did you put it in this pot ?

Leela: Yes.

Mrs. Sivasanker:  When ? When did you keep it ?

Leela : Long ago, the other day.

Mrs. Sivasanker:  Why didn’t you say so before ?

Leela:  I don’t know,

[Mr. Sivasanker enters the house]

Mrs. Sivasanker: I have got the chain from the tamarind pot.

Mr. Sivasanker: The child must not have any chain hereafter. Didn’t I tell you that I saw her carrying it in her hand once or twice. She must have dropped it into the pot sometime………..And all this bother on account of her.

Mrs. Sivasanker : Have you decided anything about Sidda? We have to take decision about him.

Mr. Sivasanker : I will tell the Inspector tomorrow. Some mistakes have come to light no doubt. In any case, we couldn’t have kept a criminal like him in the house.

[The curtain falls]

শেষ পাতা


Leela’s Friend is a very famous and touchy short story. The project has completed within scheduled time limit. But demands it more time and effort to make it more and appealing.

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আরও একটি গল্প Jimmy Valentine –এর Dramatization ও দেওয়া হল :

Jimmy Valentine

Scene -I

[ Inside a Prison shoe shop. A prisoner is busy in stitching a upper. A guard enters ]

Guard: Valentine, stop your work and come with me.

Jimmy: ( looks at surprise) Where?

Guard: To the warden’s Office.

Jimmy : Ok. Let’s go.

                                                [ They  left the stage through left exit ]

Scene -II

[ Inside a state prison. The Warden seated behind a broad desk. The prisoner and a guard standing before him.]

Warden : You are to be released in the morning, Valentine. You’ve done well here. Worked with dedication these ten months in the prison shoe-shop. When you go back into society, make a man of yourself. Stop cracking safes and live straight.

Valentine : (pretending to be confused) Why Warden, I never cracked a safe in my life!

Warden : (laughing) Of course not! How do you explain your having been sent to prison on the Spring-field job? A mean old jury who had it in for you or being unable to prove an alibi for  fear of compromising someone highly placed in society? Live straight, Valentine. That’s my advice to you.

Scene -III

[Eminent detective Ben Price in his office. Inspecting three reports placed before him.]

Ben Price : Look at these three reports. Its just a week after Jimmy Valentine is released from prison and we’ve had three cases already. Richmond, Indiana $800 stolen, Logansport $1500 and now Jefferson City $ 1500 in currency taken but not a single gem or jewellery. Just look at the similarities in the method of the burglaries. It’s dandy Jim Valentine’s autograph. For sure he has resumed business. Look at that combination knob—jerked out as easy as pulling up a radish in wet weather. He’s got the only clamps that can do it. And look at how clean those tumblers were punche out! Jimmy never has to drill but one hole. But he’ll be difficult to catch. He has no partner, takes long jumps and prefers quick get aways. I’ll get on the trail of that elusive cracksman and bring him to justice!

Scene -IV

 [Elmore, Arkansas. Jimmy, handsome as ever and stylishly dressed walks into town with a suitcase in hand. A young lady crosses his path and enters the bank. Their eyes meet. Flash! It’s love at first sight for both.]

Jimmy : [to a young boy loafing on the steps of the bank] Say boy, isn’t that young lady Polly Simpson? Young boy : Naw. She’s Annabel Adams. Her pa owns this bank. Say, why do you come to  Elmore for? Jimmy : Aah! Never mind!

[Jimmy enters the Planters’ Hotel]

Jimmy : I’d like a room in the name of Ralph D. Spencer. I’m. here on business. | was wondering whether this town would be a good place to set up a shoe store. What do you think ?

Hotel Clerk : Good place to set up a business. Trade in all lines is fairly good. There isn’t an exclusive shoe store in Elmore. People buy them at the dry goods and general store. This is. a pleasant town to live in and people are very sociable. | think you will like it here.

Jimmy : I’ll stop over for a few days and look over the situation. Uhuh! You needn’t get the porter. My suitcase is heavy. I’d rather carry-it to the room myself.

Scene -V

[A year later. Jimmy’s shoe store is flourishing. He met and is engaged to Miss Annabel Adams. He’s going to be married in two weeks time.]

Jimmy : [in his room, reading aloud a letter he has written]

                Dear Billy,

                Meet me at Sullivan’s place in Little Rock next Wednesday at 9 o’clock. I want to make you a present of my kit of tools — you couldn’t duplicate the lot for a thousand dollars. I know you’ll be glad to get them. I’ve quit the old business — a year ago and I’m going to marry the finest girl on earth two weeks from now. She’s an angel Billy. Believe me | wouldn’t do another crooked thing for the whole world.

               Your old friend,


Scene -VI

[Jimmy, Annabel, Annabel’s father Mr. Adams, Annabel’s married sister and her two daughters May (aged 9) and Agatha (aged 5) in the bank. Jimmy is dressed to go to Little Rock, suitcase in hand.

Unobserved and watching carefully is Ben Price who has at last tracked down Jimmy after searching for him more than a year.]

Annabel  : [picking up Jimmy’s suitcase] My! Ralph, how heavy it is! Feels like it is full of gold bricks.

Jimmy : (coolly) No, just a lot of nickle-plated shoe-horns in there that I’m going to return. Thought I’d save express charges by taking them up. I’m getting awfully economical. (bughs)

Mr Adams : [with pride] So people. How do you like this new safe and vault that I’ve installed. Check out the new patented door. Look at this single handle that fastens the three solid steel bolts at a single click. And look at this time-lock! Isn’t it something!

Ben Price: [at a distance] [to himself] Going to marry the banker’s daughter are you, Jimmy? Well, I don’t know!

[Suddenly a hysterical scream from Agatha’s mother. May had shut Agatha in the safe, shot the bolt and turned the knob of the combination as she had seen her grandfather do.]

Mr Adams : [trembling; in anguish] The door can’t be opened. The clock hasn’t been wound nor the combination set.

[in the background can be heard the faint sound of the child wildly shrieking in the dark vault in a point of terror.]

Agatha’s mother: (wailing) My precious darling! She will die of fright! Open the door! Oh, break it  open! Can’t you men do something?

Mr Adams : (in a shaky voice) There isn’t a man nearer than Little Rock that can open that door. My   God! Spencer, what shall we do? That child— she can’t stand it long in there. There isn’t enough air, and besides, she’ll go into convulsions from fright.”

Annabel : (eyes full of anguish) [to Jimmy]: Can’t you do something Ralph? Try, won’t you?

Jimmy : (with a queer, soft smile on his lips) Honey, give me that rose you are wearing, will you?”

[Amazed, unbelieving Annabel unpins the rose bud from her dress and gives it to Jimmy. He stuffs it in to his vest-pocket, throws off his coat and pulls up his shirt-sleeves.]

Jimmy : [in a commanding voice] : Get away from the door, all of you.

[He sets his suitcase on the table and lays out its shining, strange implements swiftly and orderly, whistling softly to himself. In a deep silence the others watch as if under a spell.]

[In ten minutes, breaking his own record, his pet drill has cut smoothly through the steel door. The bolts are thrown back and the child collapses into her mother’s arms]

[Jimmy puts on his coat and walks towards the front door, never turning back once. He sees Ben Price.]

Jimmy : Hello, Ben! Got around at last, have you? Well, let’s go. | don’t think that it makes much difference, now.”

Ben Price : Guess, you’re mistaken, Mr Spencer. Don’t think that | don’t know you. Your buggy is waiting for you, ain’t it?

(He turns and walks away. Jimmy stands at center stage, dumbstruck.]

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আরও একটি গল্প The Selfish Giant –এর Dramatization ও দেওয়া হল :

The Selfish Giant

Characters : The giant, four little children

Scene -I

[ Four little children enter the stage from the right side, dancing and jumping around in a jovial mood. They are wearing school uniforms and have school bag on their shoulders. They are quite happy and enjoying the afternoon. ]

Child 1 : Isn’t this garden beautiful? The grasses are so soft and so green! There are so many beautiful flowers I have never seen before !

Child 2: Hey ! look at those little birdies, Their voices are so sweet !

Child 3 : How happy we are here !

Child 4 : Hey, let us go and climb that tree over there. That one is not so high !

[ They all leave the stage and exit through the left side, singing and jumping  ]

(The stage gradually goes dark)

Now we hear a very gruff voice, singing something which is quite frightening :

[Voice over : The giant had been to visit his friend the Cornish Ogre and had stayed with him for seven years. Now, after seven years, he has returned to his castle.]

( When the stage is lit up, we see a huge man entering the stage from the right side. He is dressed in winter clothes ; Wearing high boots and gloves. He looks a little old, his skins are wrinkled and he has long, hair ; and his face is full of beard and moustache )

[voices of children, playing and shouting]

The giant notices the noise, looks around and spot the kids playing in his garden. His face changes at once.

Giant : Hey little fellows, what are you doing in my garden?

                                                                                             [The noise stops]

Giant : Shoooh, and never come back again.

( The little ones jumps down from the tree. They are quite in panic and they leave the stage. )

[Giant turns towards the audience, comes a few steps forward]

Giant : My own garden (pause) … is my own garden. He looks around and picks up a piece of  

              cardboard. He finds out a piece of chalk and writes down in bold letters  TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

While writing, he said:  ‘This is my garden and I will allow nobody to play in it but myself.’

[After writing, he looks at the signboard admiringly and] … now, that should be enough and nails it to a tree. Then he Picks up few pieces of wooden fence and places them around his garden. When it is done, he seems to be happy and leaves the stage. ]

[ The children enter from the right side. They discover the fence and feel disappointed.]

Child 1 : Oh no ! Look what has he done ! :

Child 2: He is such a bad man !

Child 3 : How can he do this ? What did we do wrong? We just come to play here.

Child 2 : Okay lets play on the road then.

Child 3:  No, it’s too dusty and the stones hurt my feet.

Child 1 :  Yeah mine too. I can’t play there.

Child 2:   Yes, you are right. But can we do else?

[ They stare at the garden, the trees, green grass and colourful flowers. ]

Child 1 :   How happy we were there !

[They leave the stage.]

[Voice over : Winter passes by and spring comes everywhere but not to the giant’s garden.]

[  Two children, dressed like a flower, come in the garden. They look  around. ]

Flower 1:  Oh no ! It’s still winter ! How is it possible ! She looks around and notices the signboard and reads it loud : Trespassers (pause) will be (pause) prosecuted !

Flower 2 : So mean ! How can I stay here? (sadly). Ok I will find some other place. It is still winter in here.

[They leave the garden.]

[ Two wicked men. dressed in all white enters. Their skin is white, their hairs and robes are

white. They are Snow and Frost. ]

Snow:  (in a husky voice) Hey frost. look, spring has forgotten this place.

Frost: (looking around, appreciating) Yeah, I can see that. You like this place?

Snow:  Yeah. This place is good. What about you?

Frost:   Fine for me, too. I think (reckoning the place) we can live here all the year round.

Snow:  Yes ! We can invite him too.

Frost: (looks at snow and raises eyebrows) : Whom ?

Snow : North Wind, our friend. Whom else, huh !

Frost:  Yeah. You are right.

  [  Someone, (north wind) enter the stage. Covered in dark long robe and net, he

runs around the garden until he notices snow and frost. He stops. ]

Snow :  So North wind you like it?

North Wind: Never felt better, my friends .

[ He grins broadly towards Snow and Frost ].

North Wind : This (pause) is (pause) a (pause) delightful spot ! We must ask the Hail to visit too! Shall we not?    (Snow and Frost nods their head to agree.)

(North Wind goes towards the left side of the stage and starts chanting. Snow and Frost keep

ravaging the garden. In the meantime, Hail comes in. Hail is dressed in grey with long locks of grey hair, beard and moustache. He comes in and runs around the garden as fast as he can and finally settles down.)

[The stage gradually becomes darker]

( Now, there is a window-like structure on the right side of the stage. The giant opens the

window and takes a look at his garden.)

Giant : I do not understand. Why the spring is so late in coming? Strange ! I hope there will be a change in the weather soon.

[Voice over : But the spring never came, nor the summer. The autumn gave golden fruits to ever garden, but to the Giant’s garden she gave none. ‘He is too selfish’, she said. So it was always winter there and the North Wind and the Hail and the Frost and the Snow danced about through the trees.]

Scene -II

[ The giant is lying asleep in his bed. A lovely music is heard. The giant wakes up. ]

Giant : Oh! what a lovely music ! Seems like King’s musicians are passing by ; (pause) and what a sweet smell ! I think spring has come at last.

[He jumps out of the bed and goes to the window to seek out what is happening.]

 (When he looks out, his eyes broaden in wonder. He keeps staring speechlessly. The children are sitting in the branches of the trees. The trees are full of blossoms and they are waving their branches above the children’s head. Birds are flying around twittering delightfully and flowers are looking up through the green grass.

                        But in one corner of the stage, winter is still prevailing. A tree there is still covered with Snow and Frost and North Wind is still roaring around it. There is a little boy standing in front of the tree and crying bitterly as he cannot reach up to the branches of the tree. )

Tree : Climb up ! little boy.

Little boy : (sobbing) I can’t. Your branches are too high for me.

Tree : All right. Let me lower my branches. Ok?

[ The tree bends its branches down as low as possible but the boy is too tiny.

The giant watches this incident from his room. ]

Giant : How selfish I have been ! Now I know why the spring would not come here. I will put that little boy on the top of the tree and then I will knock down the wall and my garden shall be the children’s playground for ever and ever.

( He opens the front door quietly and goes into the garden. All the children expect the little boy run away and Snow, Frost and Hail return to the garden. The little boy is still crying. The giant goes to him very quietly, takes him gently in his hands and put him up in the tree. The tree at once breaks out into blossoms ; the birds come in singing. The little boy stretches out

: his two arms, puts them round the Giant’s neck and kisses him. Noticing that the giant is wicked no longer, they come running back into the garden and with them come the spring. )

Giant : (to all the children) It is your garden, little children.

( He takes his axe and knocks down the fence. Then the Giant starts playing with those children in his beautiful garden. )

 [ Time : (Evening). The children are about to go back to their houses. They come to the Giant to bid

him goodbye. The Giant is resting on the stairs of his house. The children goes near him. ]

Children (in chorus) : Goodbye, friend. We shall come tomorrow again.

                                             ( The Giant smiles and looks for the little boy.)

Giant : Yes, goodbye to you all. But where is your little companion, (pause) the boy I put into the tree?

Child 3 :  We don’t know. We have not seen him later.

Child 1: He must have gone home too, I guess.

Giant : Okay, Then you must tell him to be sure and come tomorrow.

Child 3 : But, how? I do not even know where he lives.

Child 1: Yes, me too ! ‘

Child 2: I just saw him only today.

Giant : Well, then, you all go home safe. Good night.

Children (in chorus) : Good night. ;

(They all exit the stage and the Giant goes back to his room. He looks very sad.)

[Voice over : Every afternoon, when school was over, the children came to play with the Giant. But

the little boy was never seen again. The Giant missed him badly. Years passed and the Giant grew very old and feeble.]

( Now we see an old giant, sitting in a huge armchair is watching the children at their games.)

Giant : There are so many beautiful flowers in this garden, but these children are the most beautiful flowers among all of them.

[Voice over : Then one winter morning, the giant looked out of his window as he was dressing. He hated winter no more as he knew that it was merely the spring asleep.]

[The Giant is looking out of his window. Suddenly he rubs his eyes and stares open-eyed.

Now, the right side of the stage is lit up. There we see a tree, covered with lovely white

blossoms. Its branches are golden and silver fruits are hanging down from them ; underneath this tree, is standing that little boy he had loved most. ]

( The Giant runs downstairs in great joy and out into the garden. He hastens across the grass and comes to the child. He looks at the child and then notices his tiny little hands ; and then his tiny little feet. The Giant get angry and screams out. )

Giant : Who hath dared to wound thee, my friend? (pause) Tell me, so that I may take my big sword and slay him.

Little boy : (softly) Nay ! (pause) but these are the wounds of love.

(Saying this, he spreads out his little hands towards the Giant and then we see prints of nail on the tiny little palms. )

[ The Giant takes him up in his lap and then we notice there are prints of two nails on his tiny   little feet also. The child put his little hands around Giant’s neck. ]

Giant : Who art thou?

(At that moment, a strange awe falls on them. Giant looks around to find the source of light. Then suddenly he realises that it is the little boy himself. He puts him on the ground gently and kneels down before the child. The little boy smiles at him.)

Little boy : You let me play once in your garden. (pause) Today you shall come with me to my garden, which is Paradise.

( The Giant keep staring at him and then slowly he closes his eyes and gets laid on the ground at the feet of the child.)

[Lights are turned off.]

When lights are turned on we see him lying there in the same pose, but now covered with

white blossoms.

[Children enter the stage one by one and stand around the giant’s body with pale and tearful faces.]

[Curtain down slowly]

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