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ক্লাস 12 -এর সিলেবাএর গুরুত্বপূর্ন অঙ্গ Project । আজ আলোচিত হবে কি করে Class 12 -এর English Project এর Indianization লেখা হয় । The Happy Prince এবং The Nightingale And The Rose -এর Indianization দেখানো হল । ছাত্রছাত্রীরা এটি অনুধাবন করে সহজেই লিখতে পারবে ।

Dear Students, পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতির সেরা ঠিকানা, আজ আমরা আপনাদের জন্য নিয়ে এসেছি Class 12 English Project Indianization. নিচে
Post টি যত্নসহকারে পড়ুন ও জ্ঞানভাণ্ডার বৃদ্ধি করুন। নিয়মিত বিনামূল্যে পড়াশোনা করতে এবং নোটস, সাজেশান, প্রশ্ন উত্তর ইত্যাদি স্টাডি ম্যাটেরিয়াল PDF আকারে বিনামূল্যে ডাউনলোড করতে এবং ভিডিও ক্লাস করতে আমাদের ওয়েবসাইট ভিজিট করুন।

Class 12 English Project Indianization

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The Nightingale’s Sacrifice (The Nightingale and The Rose)

[Submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirement of class –XII Final Examination – 2023]




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I convey my heartfelt gratitude to Sri ______________ (স্য়ারের নাম ) to whom I am indebted in every sense to enable me to accomplish the task of submitting this project with his invaluable suggestions. It is his encouragement that has kindled my faculties to submit this project after careful course of investigation. I shall never forget the sincere, careful and active support given by my Teacher-in charge, group-mates and my parents to accomplish this task successfully.

Date : _________________                                          _____________(নিজের স্বাক্ষর)_______________

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This is to certify that this project report entitled The Nightingale’s Sacrifice  by ______(নিজের নাম)_______ ______________ Class XII,   Roll _________,  Reg. No. _________________

, year 2023, submitted in partial fulfillment to class XII English course during the present academic year is a bona fide record of work carried out under my guidance and supervision.


                                                                                                Signature of the project guide

                                                                                                                With date

                                                                                                Name: ________________

                                                                                                Designation: Assistant Teacher

                                                                                                Department: English

                                                                                               School: ABC High School (H.S.)

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1) Introduction                                                                                                                                  

2) What is Indianization                                                                                                                   ……

3) Aim of the project                                                                                                                 ………

4) Learning aspect of the project                                                                                               …………

5) Steps to output the project                                                                                                   ………….

6) Out put of the project                                                                                                          ………….

7) Conclusion                                                                                                                            ………….

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Indianization is a very interesting topic of the project work. It is to convert a foreign story into the Indian background. The imaginative power of the students will be enriched as well as their skill through this topic.

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‘Indianization’ is the process of making something foreign to Indian. Here it does not mean mere imitation. It is far more than that. Here we free to change the background, characters, and setting for keeping the spirit of the story in tune with the original story so that the story may be presented  more appealing to he readers.

পরের পাতা


This project helps to develop the imaginative power, thoughts and ideas of the students in English literature. The students can carefully read the original story and develop his own idea to indianise the same story in his own way. The students can think of different situation in the Indian background.

পরের পাতা

পরের পাতা


* We should learn to develop the imaginative power, thoughts and ideas in English literature.

* We would be able to change situations constantly to make the story interesting.

* We also learn to dramatize a novel or a short story written by some famous English writer.

* This project helps us to adopt a linking for English literature.

পরের পাতা


* Selection of short stories.

* Group discussion and final selection.

* Teacher’s information about Indianization.

* A rough draft of the play prepared.

* Individual works produced.

* The final manuscript was written.

পরের পাতা


There was a village named Raghunathpur. Life is’ usually free from the chaos and

pandemonium that was so: prevalent in the cities. There is the tranquility, serenity and calmness in this village. People in this village made their living through agriculture and other ‘small .cottage industries. In this village there was a boy, named Raghu who Was about seventeen. He had immense faith in love, god and relationship. Everyday, he used to go to play with his friends near the river. He played in the big grassy field. Chirping of the birds in the clear blue sky created a mesmerizing effect in his heart.

In their village. there was a girl, whom he saw every afternoon. But she was the

daughter of their Jaminder. She: was rich and Raghu was very poor. While Raghu played with his friends, she looked at him from her balcony. Raghu also noticed her. One day Raghu planned to talk with her. He thought throughout the night what he would ask her. However, the next day Raghu could not concentrate in his play and waited for the girl to’ come to her balcony. As soon as she came there, Raghu went there bravely, and asked her to come down. There were so many doors and guards in their house. So-she took a lot’ of time and ultimately came. Raghu told her that he wanted to go to watch a ‘bioscope’ with her. The girl became perplexed to hear this proposal from an unknown’ boy. However, she accepted the proposal and told him that he had to pay something for that. The boy was eager to pay everything even beyond his reach. The girl wanted a red rose from Raghu and told him when he would bring that red rose, on that day she would go with him. Raghu promised her and came running home.

There was a’ Nightingale who sang night after night telling the ‘story of a true lover to the stars. The Nightingale lived in a mango tree near the house of the boy and watched him regularly.

Raghu was in his dream-world. He thought, ‘if I bring her a red rose she will go

with me and I shall hold her fingers and she will lean her head upon my shoulder.

Oh! what a joy. But there is no red rose in our village. How shall I bring it? 1 shall

sit lonely and: she will go with someone else breaking my _ heart.’

The Nightingale heard his words and thought that she would bring for him the red

rose anyhow because he was the true lover. She sang tor this true love. The Nightingale said, ‘what is joy to me, to him is pain. ‘Surely love is a wonderful feeling. It is more precious than .anything. It cannot be purchased in the market place by the merchants ‘or can it be weighed out in the balance for gold??

Raghu thought that it would be a pleasant. moment when the girl: would. walk beside him. Her feet would not touch the ground. She was so soft spoken: They would talk about different matters around them. But suddenly he got in his mindi that the girl would not go with him for he had no red rose to; give her and he flung. himself down on the grass and buried his face in his hands and wept bitterly. His eyes became red and he murmured, ‘oh god! Please help me by any means!’ :

A parrot asked , “‘why is he weeping?” as it was sitting on the branch of that mango tree. “Why indeed?” said the butterfly who was flying around him. “Why?” asked the crow to his neighbour Nightingale, in a soft low voice. –

“He is weeping for a, red rose?’ answered the Nightingale to all.

‘Oh! just for a red rose he is weeping! ‘How funny!’ said all.

But the Nightingale did not disclose the real story of the red rose to others. She

sat silent in the mango tree and thought about the mystery of love.

 Suddenly she flew to the garden of the graveyard. There was a Rose tree. But it

 was full of white roses. Then she flew near ‘the river, there were only marigolds, which were cultivated by the, farmers of that village. Then she flew to another garden near  the big grassy field. There was only one Rose tree but it was about to die. The Nightingale  cried, “one red rose is all want, ‘only one rose,’ ‘Is there no way by which I can get it?” A child came out from the hut near that garden and told the Nightingale, ‘Do not worry dear! I must help you. But it is so terrible.”

‘Tell it to me ‘, said the nightingale, Iam not afraid of doing any job.’

The face of the child became pale and he told, ‘if you want a red rose, you must

build it out of music by moonlight and stain it with your own blood. You have to sing for me, your beautiful song will bring back life to this rose tree and your heart

must be pierced by its thorn. In ‘this way your heart’s blood will flow through the

veins of the tree and you will get the red rose.”

The Nightingale thought for a while. ‘Death is a great price to get a red rose. Life

is very precious and dear to all of us. The beautiful Sunrise and Sunset can never

be seen. This beautiful earth, its green woods, pleasant air, blue sky all will exist except me. But Love is greater than Life. A bird’s life is less important .than a true Love.’ So she decided to fly for sometimes in the clear blue. sky before going to die and spread her wings for a flight. ;

The young Raghu was still Weeping lying on the grass, His eyes became red with

the tears. The Nightingale came there and cried to the boy,‘‘Be happy. Very soon you will get your red rose. I am going to build it out of music by moonlight and it will  be stained with my own heart’s blood. All that you have to do in return is that please try to be a true lover” The boy Raghu could not understand the language of the Nightingale and looked at the bird foolishly. He could only understand the words written in his books. But the mango tree understood. It became sad for the bird. She had her nest there. She lived there for years long. The mango tree requested the Nightingale to sing a last song, for it could not be heard any more. The bird sang her beautiful song for the mango tree and flew away.

Nightingale reached at the place and set her breast against the thorn on that moonlit night. All night long she sang and the thorn went deeper and deeper slowly into her heart. Her life blood entered into the rose tree and the tree got its life back.  Suddenly the petal of the rose was seen and it became red. The bird was singing the song of the immortal Jove. Slowly her voice could not be heard any more and the moon was setting in the sky. The child cried, ‘Press closely against the thorn or the day will come out before the rose is finished.’ The Nightingale could hot sing anymore and pressed closely against the thorn and her heart’s blood coloured the rose and made it marvelous and whitened her. Her song of love stopped for ever. Her throat was chocked.  The red rose trembled with ecstasy and Opened its petals in the cold morning.

The Mango tree cried, ‘oh! the Nightingale is no more now!’ The Nightingale made no reply and the whole atmosphere remained silent.

The next morning the boy Raghu opened his window with lust of disappointment

suddenly he noticed the red rose. He had never Seen such a red rose. Its colour was as ted as the colour of blood. The boy cried, ‘oh, now I get the red rose and my dream will soon come to be true.’ He Plucked it and went to the girl. He said to her, “Look! how beautiful this red rose is. This rose will tell you how I love you”. But the girl remained indifferent, She made no reply. Raghu touched her arms. But the girl refused and told him that the Son of another Jaminder gave her so many precious Jewels which were real and it was known to all that their status were equal and the jewels were more precious than a red rose.

First Raghu could not believe his ears. It was a great shock to him. Slowly he realized the reality.

Raghu only commented, ‘So ungrateful you are! Hearing this the girl went away and Raghu thought himself that ‘Love is really a silly matter and it is not half as useful as logic and metaphysics,’ “I have to study heard to build my bright carreer”.

Then Raghu returned to his home and pulling out his books from the shelf began to read. The mango tree outside his window remained his silent observer.

শেষ পাতা


The Nightingale’s Sacrifice is a very famous and touchy short story. The project has completed within scheduled time limit. But demands it more time and effort to make it more and appealing.

One more Indianization : The Sukhi Rajkumar ( Based on Oscar Wild’s The Happy Prince)


In our native village, there was a statue which looked like a Rajkumar. The statue was covered with golden plates all over its body. Its robe was royal and gorgeous and there was a turban around its head. The turban was also made of valuable multi coloured cloth and was bordered with golden face. He had golden nagrai shoes at his feet with folden trunks obtruding in the front.

                     He was standing with his legs apart. He had a long sword whose pointed tip was resting on the surface of the concrete pillar. The hilt of the sword was decorated with a large red stone and a few other valuable stones. The pupils of the statue were very expensive sapphires. He is the prince people call ‘Rajkumar’.

                            He was much admired by the villagers. The little children loved and admired him and played around him. The students on their way to school talked about him. Mothers asked their little ones to be like him ; never to cry and be sad. Even a wretched poor feriwals admired him.He sat in his shadow to take some rest, putting his burden aside. He looked at the prince and mumbled “Well, there was at least one happy person in Anandapur.”

So, he was the sukhi Rajkumar of Anandapur, People said he wass the only, son of the Zamindar of Anandapur and he lived in the Anandapur Fort. In the fort, there were beautiful gardens, balconies, rooms and decorated yards. The Rajkumar roamed around these places all day long and spent hours playing around. He used to sing and around eveywhere, whenever he had sometime. He had no idea about anyone or anything else outside his fort where he lived. Sorrows and miseries never entered his world. He was always happy. So, they named him as ‘Sukhi Rajkumar’. After his death, they built this statue and named Sukhi Rajkumar.

                                   One night, a skylark reached Anandapur. He was on his way to the south as winter was approaching. His friends had already flown away towards south. So, he was in a hurry. He had flown all day long and so he was tired. He noticed the staute of Rajkumar and said “that statue would serve me enough for a single night”. He sat at the feet of the statue and was about to put his head under his wings ; just then a large drop of water fell on his wings. The skylark looked at the sky, but there was not even a single patch of cloud. Then he noticed the eyes

of the statue. The eyes of the happy prince were full of tears and fell on his wings.

“Who are you?” said the skylark.

                    The Rajkumar looked at him. “I am the Sukhi Rajkumar,” said he. “If you are Sukhi then why are you crying?”, asked the Skylark. “When I was alive, I did not know what sorrow or misery was. I sang, I danced and played with my companions all day long. I never know what laid beyond the walls of my castle. | never saw the real Anandapur, its people and children, their happiness and sorrows. Nothing. But now, from this place, I can see them quite clear. Their

lives, their struggles, their sorrows, everyting ….. So, every night, when lights go off, I cry. Skylark was listening to the statue without writing a single word. Suddenly, the statue looked at him,

“Skylark!” called the stutue. “Yes, my Rajkumar?” replied Skylark. “There lives a very poor girl at the end of the filthy street, just behind the market wall. She is a very poor seamstress and her son is suffering from high fever. The girl is very tired and has falled asleep. My friend, take the red stone from my sowrd and leave it in front of her.

“Are you sure, Rajkumar? Yours sword will loss its grandeur,” said the little bird.

“Yes my dear. That girl needs it much….. replied the Rajkumar.

“Ok, then. But in the morning | shall have to leave through. All my friends are waiting for me.” Saying this, he picks up the stone and leaves for that house. Behind the mosque and the marked,. he finds out the hut of the poor seamstress and leaves the stone as the Rajkumar had asked. Then he returns to the feet of the statue.

“Rajkumar,” said Skylark, “I knew it is a cold night. But, still, I am feeling a strange

warmth!” Skylark looks at the Rajkumar ; the Rajkumar smiles back. “That happens when you help someone, my friend.”

Sparrows chirp and crows start cawing.

                       It is morning already. Skylark is ready to leave for south. But suddenly, Rajkumar notices another poor sould. Rajkumar calls out, “Skylark, please stay one more night.”

“Why, my Rajkumar?”

“I can see a poor, young dramatist who is writing a play for the coming Anandapur fair. But he has no money, he is starving and he is hungry. Please take one of my eyes and give it to him.” said the Rajkumar.

“Are you mad? Forgive me, Rajkumar ; but I can’t make you blind.” said the skylark.

“No, my friend. Do as I say. Help him. Please” said the statue. Skylark picked up one of his eyes and flew away to give it to that young writer. Out of tiredness, he fell asleep, Skylark put that stone on the table, in front of him and returned to the Rajkumar. It was already dawn. He was about to leave once again. But again Rajkumar stopped him. “My friend, please stay one last night,” he begged. Good Skylark could not refuse him.

                                   Rajkumar continued, “there is a poor little boy at the farthest corner of the village. His father is a riskshaw-puller and he is too poor to buy him any warm cloth or any shoe. Please give him my other eye or he will die tonight, freezing in this abnormal weather.

                                Skylark continued to refuse this order and Rajkumar pursued him firmly. At last, skylark took the other eye unwillingly and went for that little poor boy. He was shivering in cold and was lying on a mattress. He was a little sleepy. So, when skylark put that stone in front of him, he could not notice him. Doing his job, skylark returned to the statue. The Rajkumar was blind now.

“Now, you have made youself totally blind. So, I have to stay with you forever,” said skylark.

“No, my friend, you have done enough,” said Rajkumar. Skylark insisted , “No, I am staying.” Rajkumar remained silent for a while. Then he said, “Well, my friend, if you are staying, then fly over this village, look at those people and tell me about them.”

                                    Skylark does what Rajkumar asked him to do. He flies all over the village of Anandapur and observes the sufferning of the poor. He sees the poor hawkers, sabjiwalas, beggars, farmars, how they live, where they live . The sufferings of their children and other family members. After a few hours, he returns to Rajkumar. “So? What did you see?” asked Rajkumar. Skylark thought –

about lying to him ; but couldn’t. “Well, my Rajkumar, your people are in great distress. They are in need of money, food, shelter and much more things.”

                    Rajkumar listened to everything skylark said. Then he spoke. “My friend, take all the remaining golden parts of mine one by one and distribute among them who need it most. “Skylark did not protest, because he knew that Rajkumar would not listen, So, he did as sukhi Rajkumar instructed. He distributed the golds among the poorest and starving people of Anandapur. Then he returned to the Rajkumar. But, he was not feeling well. It was winter and he had done too

much work. He felt stick. But Rajkumar was blind. So, he could not see Skylark’s condition.

“Goodbye,” said Skylark, “Rajkumar”.

Rajkumar smiled. “Ok. My friend. Join your friends. I won’t hold you back anymore.”

Skylark was. gasping, “No, Rajkumar, I am not going there,” Paused, and said, “I am going to the land of sleep. I am dying.”

Skylark died and fell on the street.

After a few moments, a group of people are seen coming. The man in front appeared to be a distinguished person. He was wearing clean and gorgeous dhoti and punjabi ; he had a servant who was bearing an umbrella over his head, running after him and there were two more attendants.

                       They were passing by the Rajkumar. Two villagers showed respect to the distinguished person. They called him “Zamindar Babu.” Zamindar Babu is a rich man, and from his attitude, it is quite clear that he is a powerful

man of Anandapur village. He was busy in chating with his attendants; and so, he was about to tread on the dead bird. But, somehow, he noticed it. “Gopal!” he called Gopal responded, “Ji; huzur!” “Look,” Zamindar Babu continued,” a dead bird is lying in front of the statue. Soon, it will smell foul.

Do not worry, huzur,” said one of the attendants, ame forward, picked the dead bird up with his left hand and threw it in a near-by dustbin.

“A new law has to be passed. No bird can die near or around our Sukhi Rajkumar,” Zaminy Babu murmurs to himself. Suddenly he looks at the statue and exclaims in disgust “ehhh!” :

His umbrella-bearer and two attendants also look at Sukhi Rajkumar. He has totally worn-out, I see!” said Zamindar Babu. “All his jewelleries are gone too!” said one of his attendants.

“Must have been those slum people! They know nothing but stealing!”,. said Zamindar Babu,” did not even spare those beautiful nagrai shoes.”

Gopal, call those labourers and order them to take it down now,” ordered Zamindar Babu.

Following his order, Gopal calls the labourers, three among them comes forward and they dislocate the statue and put it on a magic van.

Gopal asks his master, “huzur, where will it be taken? Zamindar Babu says “take it to the furnace. Ask them to melt it and make a new statue that exactly looks like me. Gopal asks the labourers to do so as Zamindar Babu instructed. They dragged the magic van and went out of sight.

In heaven, God asked to one of his Angels, “So, are there any new precious souls waiting  to be moved here?” Angle looked at earth and said, “Yes. There are two new souls, my lord. The skylark and the Sukhi Rajkumar.” God said, “‘Well, then, bring them here. From now on, the skylark will sing in my eternal garden and the Sukhi  Rajkumar will live in my city of gold and praise me forever.

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