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আজ আমরা Class 11 -এর English Text Book B -এর Rapid Reader , Chapter 4 -এর Othello গল্পটির Questions Answers আলোচনা করে নেব । এক এক করে সব কটি চ্যাপ্টার আলোচিতহবে । এগুলির প্রশ্নোত্তর ও পর পর দেওয়া হবে ।
Chapter 4 of Class 11 English Text Book B named Rapid Reader, Questions Answers of Othello are discussed.

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Othello Questions Answers

Multiple Choice Questions

1) The rich senator of Venice was —- a) Othello,  b) Orsino,  c) Brabentio,  d) Iago.

Ans: c) Brabentio

2) The name of Iago’s wife was —– a) Desdemona,  b) Emilia,  c) Oilvia,  d) Camelia.

Ans: b) Emilia

3) Othello got a win over —-a) Turks,  b) Greeks,  c) Romans,  d) Norway

Ans: a) Turks

4) Brabentio’s daughter was —— a) Desdemona,  b) Emilia,  c) Oilvia,  d) Camelia.

Ans: a) Desdemona

5) Desdemona was killed by —- a) herself,  b) Cassio,  c) Iago,  d) Othello.

Ans: d) Othello

6) Desdemona was killed with ——a) a knife,  b) a dragger,  c) bed sheet,  d) poison.

Ans: c) bed sheet

7) Othello was ——- a) a Moor,  b) German,  c) French,  d) Dutch.

Ans: a) a Moor

8) The island of Cyprus was captured by the —— a) English,  b) French,  c) German,  d) Turks.

Ans: d) Turks.

9) Othello’s mother was a/an ——- a) Moor,  b) Egyptian,  c) English,  d) English.

Ans: b) Egyptian

10) Emilia was ——- a) Iago’s daughter,  b) Desdemona’s friend,  c) Iago’s wife,  d) Cassio’s wife.

Ans: c) Iago’s wife

11) Othello was murdered by —— a) Iago,  b) cassio,  c) himself,  d) Desdemona.

Ans: c) himself

12) Othello got the magical handkerchief from ——a) a friend,  b) his mother on her death-bed,  c) his father,  d) Desdemona.

Ans: b) his mother on her death-bed

13) Othello married Desdemona —— a) in a church,  b) in a temple,  c) privately,  d) in his friend’s house.

Ans: c) privately

14) Cassio’s promotion made Iago — a) pleased,  b) indifferent,  c) frustrated,  d) jealous.

Ans: d) jealous.

15) Desdemona loved Othello because ——-  a) Othello was handsome,  b) Othello was white,  c) Othello was an English,  d) he had valiant parts and qualities.

Ans: d) he had valiant parts and qualities

16) Brabentio was the rich senator was —-a) Rome,  b) Venice,  c) Italy,  d) Cyprus.

Ans: b) Venice

17) Cassio was promoted to the rank of —— a) thane of venice,  b) Lieutenant,  c) Senetor,  d) General.

Ans: b) Lieutenant

18) Othello was charged with the offence of seducing Desdemona by —— a) Brabentio,  b) Cassio,  c) Iago,  d) Duke of Venice.

Ans: a) Brabentio

19) Iago was ——-  a) the best friend and well wisher of Othello,  b) an officer and trusted by Othello,  c) a nobel man,  d) senator.

Ans: b) an officer and trusted by Othello

20) Othello stated that the handkerchief was presented to his mother by —– a) a snake charmer,  b) a magician,  c) an Egyptian witch,  d) an Egyptian woman.

Ans: d) an Egyptian woman

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21) Emilia stole —   a) the purse of Desdemona,  b) the sword of Othello,  c) the handkerchief of Desdemona,  d) neckless of Desdemona.

Ans: c) the handkerchief of Desdemona

22) According to Iago the most unbearable pain was of —– a) a scar,  b) jealousy,  c) a bleeding wound,  d) none of these.

Ans: b) jealousy

23) The first gift of Othello to Desdemona was ——- a) a gold chain,  b) flower,  c) perfume,  d) a handkerchief.

Ans: d) a handkerchief

24) Iago was very —– a) simple,  b) cunning,  c) honest,  d) helpful.

Ans: b) cunning

25) Othello bids Desdemona to —— a) say prayer,  b) leave the room,  c) prepare for death,  d) prepare for death and say a prayer.

Ans: a) say prayer

26) What nation threatens the venetian strong hold at Cyprus —–a) Turkey,  b) Egypt,  c) Libya,  d) Greece.

Ans: a) Turkey

27) Iago was highly offended because —- a) Othello cheated him,  b) Othello married Desdemona,  c) Othello loved Emilia,  d) Othello promoted Cassio to the rank of lieutenant.

Ans: d) Othello promoted Cassio to the rank of lieutenant.

28) Iago lured Cassio to have —– a) a look at the treasure,  b) a drink,  c) a nap,  d) none of these.

Ans: b) a drink

29) The murderer who attempted to kill Cassiao was employed by —– a) Othello,  b) Desdemona,  c) Iago,  d) Brabantio.

Ans: c) Iago

30) Iago’s guilt was confirmed ——- a) when the wounded Cassio came in,  b) by certain letters in Iago’s pocket,  c) by disclosure that Emilia had stolen the handkerchief,  d) by Desdemona’s pleading.

Ans: b) by certain letters in Iago’s pocket, 

31) Brabantio was a —— a) general,  b) senator,  c) soldier,  d) duke.

Ans: b) senator

32) Othello’s long conversation with Iago led him to —- a) distraction,  b) restlessness,  c) silence,  d) sleep.

Ans: b) restlessness

33) Desdemona promised cassio to ——  a) be his solicitors,  b) to elope with him,  c) to give back his place,  d) to plot the murder of Othello.

Ans: a) be his solicitors

Long Answer Type Questions

1) sketch the character of Iago.     (or)

How did Iago poison Othello’s ears against Desdemona?    (or)

Discuss how Othello’s love for Desdemona changed into mistrust in the story.

Ans: Iago is one of the interesting characters in Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello. Iago was an old officer in Othello’s forces. He was cunning, schemer and horribly vindictive.  He could not tolerate the promotion of Cassio by Othello to the higher rank. So he had the secret plan of destroying the fortune of both Othello and Cassio. He planned to bring suspicion in Othello’s mind against Desdemona. He was successful in bringing mistrust in the mind of of Othello against both Desdemona and Cassio. Igao planted the seeds of sucpicion and jealousy in the mind of Othello. He told Othello that since she had deceived her father, she could deceive him too. He told Othello that he had seen Desdemona’s handkerchief in Cassio’s hand. So Othello’s loved change into mistrust. He suffocated her to death.

2) Sketch the character of Desdemona.

Ans: Desdemona was the heroine of Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Othello’. She was the daughter of Senator of Venice, Brabentio. She was an upright and self composed woman with charming beauty. She believed that heart was much more valuable than complexion. So her love towards Othello was high class. Othello’s eloquence and straightforwardness charmed her. So they married privately. At the beginning Desdemona was strong woman who defied traditional Venetian beliefs. As the story goes on her strength is weakened. Her independence slowly shifts over to obedience.

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