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আজ আমরা Class 11 -এর English Text Book B -এর Rapid Reader , Chapter 2 -এর Othello গল্পটির Questions Answers আলোচনা করে নেব । এক এক করে সব কটি চ্যাপ্টার আলোচিতহবে । এগুলির প্রশ্নোত্তর ও পর পর দেওয়া হবে ।
Chapter 2 of Class 11 English Text Book B named Rapid Reader, Questions Answers of As You Like It are discussed.

Dear Students, পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতির সেরা ঠিকানা, আজ আমরা আপনাদের জন্য নিয়ে এসেছি As You Like It Questions Answers. নিচে Post টি যত্নসহকারে পড়ুন ও জ্ঞানভাণ্ডার বৃদ্ধি করুন। নিয়মিত
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As You Like It Questions Answers

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sir Rowland De Boys was a trusted —— (a) Frederick, (b) the lawful Duke, (c) Adam, (d) Rosalind.

2. When Duke Frederick banished Rosalind, Celia — (a) felt very grief stricken, (b) was undoubtedly happy, (c) approved her father’s decision, (d) turned rebellion.

3)  When Rosalind came to know that Orlando was the son of her father’s friend, she gave him — (a) a gold ring, (b) a gold coin, (c) a gold chain, (d) a gold earring. BE) Sema a

4) Rosalind and Celia went to the Forest of Arden — (a) in a carriage, (b) in disguise, (c) with an army, (d) on horseback.

5) Oliver planned to murder Orlando after he won the wrestling match — (a) by burning him alive when he slept, (b) by sprinkling poisonous juice on his clothes, (c) by giving him poisonous food, (d) by hiring assassins to kill him.

6) Who accompanied Orlando when he escaped? — (a) Oliver, (b) Frederick, (c) Adam, (d) Rosalind.

7) As Duke Frederick entered the forest he met a — (a) dacoit, (b) fairy, (c) hermit, (d) clown.

8) Oliver married — (a) Alice, (b) Celia, (c) Rose, (d),Rosalind.

9) The sharp teeth of the cold wind in winter is nothing according to the Duke Senior, compared to man’s — (a) love, (b) jealousy, (c) unkindness and ingratitude, (d) happiness.

10) Orlando was the youngest son of — (a) Adam, (b) Sir Rowland de Boys, (c) Frederick, (d) Ferdinand.

11) The daughter of the banished Duke was — (a) Celia, (b) Viola, (c) Aliena, (d) Rosalind.

12) Rosalind disguised herself as a male and called herself as — (a) Aliena, (b) Sir Rowland de Boys, (c) Frederick, (d) Ganymede.

13) The Duke and his followers liked the life in the Forest of Arden because — (a) it was a lazy life of luxury and comfort, (b) it was a life more relaxing than that in the court, (c) it was dangerous and challenging, (d) they loved hunting.

14) Adam gave Orlando — (a) five hundred crowns, (b) six hundred crowns, (c) eight hundred crowns, (d) one thousand crowns.

15) Orlando resembled his father in — (a) his nature, (b) his nature and noble qualities, (c) his shrewdness and cruelty, (d) none of these.

16) At the end became the heir of the dukedom — (a) Aliena, (b) Rosalind, (c) Celia, (d) Oliver.

17) After being driven away the Duke took shelter in the Forest of — (a) Aran, (b) Arden, (c) Amazon, (d) Africa.

18) On the trees, Orlando carved the name of — (a) Rosalind, (b) Celia, (c) Ganymede, (d) Aliena.

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19) The Duke used to draw lessons from — (a) books, (b) nature, (c) his followers, (d) none of these.

20) In the Forest of Arden, Orlando and Adam suffered with — (a) comfort and food, (b) cold and chilled wind, (c) hunger and fatigue, (d) warmth and comfort.

21) Celia was Rosalind’s — (a) enemy, (b) rival, (c) real friend; (d) lover.

22) In the Forest of Arden, the Duke and his companions lived like — (a) Robinson Crusoe, (b) Robin Hood, (c) Pirates, (d) Romeo.

23) Who was Orlando’s elder brother ? — (a) Adam, (b) Ganymede, (c) Oliver, (d) none of them.

24) Duke Frederick’s mind was changed by — (a) his daughter, (b) the old duke, (c) a hermit, (d) a king.

25) The actual identity of Aliena was — (a) Rosalind, (b) Celia, (c) Oliver, (d) Adam.

26) Oliver envied Orlando for — (a) his strength, (b) his intelligence, (c) his fine personality and dignified manner, (d) his skill in wrestling.

27) Once upon a time France was divided into — (a) kingdoms, (b) states, (c) cities, (d) dukedoms.

28) The lioness was waiting to attack — (a) Orlando, (b) Oliver, (c) Adam, (d) Aliena.

29) The old Duke found sermons in — (a) books, (b) trees, (c) stones, (d) brooks.

30) Oliver’s plan to burn Orlando was overheard by — (a) Sir Rowland de Boys, (b) Adam, (c) Rosalind, (d) Celia.

31) The banished Duke found tongues in — (a) rivers, (b) trees, (c) leaves, (d) stones.

32)  Rosalind and Celia left the palace in disguise of — (a) two sisters, (b) two brothers, (c) a countryman and a countrywoman, (d) husband and wife.

33) The banished Duke found books in — (a) trees, (b) flowing streams, (c) leaves, (d) nature.

34) The faithful servant of Sir Rowland de Boys was — (a) Adam, (b) Charles, (c) Orlando, (d) Oliver.

35)  Rosalind felt pity for Orlando for his — (a) illness, (b) weakness, (c) suffering, (d) friendless condition.

36)  Celia pleaded to her father in favour of — (a) Oliver, (b) Orlando, (c) herself, (d) Rosalind.

37)  Rosalind was happy to hear that Orlando was — (a) a fighter, (b) a skilled wrestler, (c) the son of the banished Duke, (d) the son of her father’s friend.

Long Answer Type Questions

1) Who were the two participants in the wrestling match ? Whom did Celia and Rosalind try to dissuade ? What was the result ? (2+1+2)

Ans: The two participants in the wrestling match were a practiced wrestler and a young man named Orlando.

                             Celia and Rosalind tried to dissuade the inexperienced young man Orlando.

                                      The sweet and gentle talks of two fair ladies gave Orlando more strength and stamina. This inspiration worked wonders for him. Soon he defeated his opponent in such a way that for some time he could not even talk.

2)  Why was Oliver proved an unworthy brother ? Why did Oliver wish to destroy Orlando? (3+2)

Ans: Oliver was the eldest son of Sir Rowland de Boys. At his death bed he charged Oliver to give his brother a good education. But Oliver was very cruel at heart. He disregarded the commands of his dying father. He never sent Orlando to school. He kept Orlando at home untaught and entirely neglected. Thus Oliver proved himself an unworthy brother.

                                            But Orlando became  a fine man without the help of his brother. For this Oliver hated him more. To destroy Orlando his brother Oliver persuade him to wrestle with a famous wrestler.

3)  Describe the meeting between Orlando and Oliver in the Forest of Arden.

Ans: Orlando had left the palace to escape from his brother’s conspiracies. One day Orlando was on his way to Ganymede’s cottage. From a distance he saw a man was sleeping.  A snake was coiling round the neck of the sleeping man. As Orlando went nearer the snake glided away among the bushes. He soon discovered that a hungry lioness was hiding in the bush waiting for its prey. Oliver saw that the sleeping man was his own brother, Oliver. Then he took out his sword and put a brave fight with the lioness. After waking up Oliver saw this and felt remorse guilt. He begged  for mercy and Orlando forgave him.

4)  Give a character sketch of Rosalind.

Ans:  Rosalind was one of the most interesting characters of the tale ‘As You Like It’. She was the daughter of the senior Duke. She was a great friend of Celia. She had great physical beauty and charm. She was not only sensitive but also intelligent. Besides being witty she had many charming qualities. Rosalind concealed her own weariness and considered it her duty to cheer up and encourage her cousin. Her obedience was proved when she first took the permission of her father before marrying Orlando. The entire story is made fascinating and interesting with her presence.


5)  How did Rosalind win Orlando’s heart ?

6)  How did old Adam prove his loyalty towards his master ?

7)  What made Rosalind and Celia opt for a life of hardship in a forest, shedding a life of calm and comfort in the palace leaving aside their palace life ?

8) Why and how did Orlando save Oliver ? How did Oliver and Aliena fall in love with each other ? 2+3

9) Assess the relationship between Rosalind and Celia.

10)  Why did Orlando draw his sword and behave rudely with the banished Duke ? How did the Duke treat Orlando when he drew his sword ? (2+3)

11)  Bring out the significance of the wrestling match.

12)  Why did Duke Frederick advance towards the Forest of Arden ? What brought about a change in him ? (3+2)

13)  Describe in your own words the experiences of Rosalind and Celia while they were going to Forest of Arden.

14) Sketch the character of Orlando.

15)  “When all the persons were eagerly waiting fora miracle…” — What was the miracle ? How did it happen ? 2+3

16)  Describe the sufferings of Rosalind and Celia in the forest. How did they come to settle in the shepherd’s cottage ? 3+2

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