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ক্লাস 11 -এর চতুর্থ পদ্যাংশ Octavio Paz-এর লেখা Brotherhood , এর সম্পূর্ন বাংলা অর্থ দেওয়া হল গুরুত্বপূর্ন শব্দের উচ্চারন সহ । । এই পাঠটির PDF ফাইল ডাউনলোড করতে হলে নীচে দেওয়া ডাউনলোড বাটলে ক্লিক করুন । ক্লাস 11 এর অনান্য কবিতাও এক ক্লিকে পাবেন ।

Brotherhood : Homage to Claudius Ptole

ভ্রাতৃত্ববোধ       শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ   প্রতি  ক্লডিয়াস    টলেমি

-Octavio Paz

I    am a  man : little do I last                          

= আমি একজন মানুষ : অল্পক্ষন ( সময়) আমার আয়ু / ( আমি বাঁচব / থাকব )

And the night is enormous1 

= এবং রাত্রি হয় দীর্ঘ / অন্তহীন        (1.- এনরমাস )

But I look up

= কিন্তু আমি তাকাই উর্দ্ধে / উপরদিকে ।

The stars write

= তারারা /নক্ষত্ররা লেখে ( লিখে চলে )

Unknowing2 I understand;     

= না জানলেও আমি বুঝতে পারি ;         (2.- আননোইং )

I  too am written       

= আমার কথা ( ভাগ্য ) ও লেখা হয়

And at this very moment,


= এবং ঠিক এই মুহুর্তে

Someone spells me out   

= কেউএকজন আমাকে পড়ে ( বুঝতে পারে ) ।    (3.- স্পেল আউট )

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Multiple Choice Questions

 1) ‘Brotherhood’ is a / an poem ……….. a) devotional poem,  b) lyrical poem,  c) dramatic lyric,  d) Elegy.

2) In the poem ‘Brotherhood’ the night is —– a) enormous ,   b) dark,   c) short,   d) silent.

3)The poem ‘Brotherhood’ was first written in ……  a) English,  b) Spanish,  c) Mexican,  d) French.

4) “little do I last”….. here the poet means to say that ….  a) human life is very short,  b) human life is endless,  c) he is sick,  d) he does not want to live long.

5) “But I look up”… the poet looks up ….  a) to search for a meaning of life ,  b) to see the sky,  c) to pray to God,  d) to enjoy the beauty of the sky.

6) “ the stars write” …. The writing of the stars are …… a) unknown to the poet,  b) the invisible to the poet,  c) clear to the poet,  d) incomprehensible to the poet.

7) “And the night is enormous” … here the night stands for …  a) the poet’s ignorance ,  b) the poet’s fears of death,  c) death itself,  d) lovely face of nature.

8) “And the night is enormous” … the night is called enormous because …   a) it will never end,  b) it is deep and dark,  c) it denotes death,  d) it is prolonged.

9) “I too am written” …… the speaker is written by …   a) stars,  b) readers,  c) the night,  d) none of them.

10) “Unknowingly I understand”…. The poet unknowingly  understand  ….   a) darkness of night ,  b) the writing of stars,  c) blessing of God,  d) meaning of death.

11) “the stars write” ….. the stars write….    a) the immortality of man,  b) the place of human being in the world,  c) the worthlessness of man,  d) about their position.

12) In the poem ‘Brotherhood’ the stars write ——-  a) a poem,  b) destiny of men,  c) the future,  d) the present.

13) “But I look up” —–here the phrase ‘look up’ suggests —– a) hope,   b) vision,   c) understanding,  d) light.

14) “But I look up” —– the poet looks up at ——-  a) starry sky,   b) the sun,   c) the man ,   d) the sky.

15) In the poem ‘Brotherhood’ the poet identifies himself at first as a —–  a) poet,  b) man,  c) lover of God,  d) stranger.

16) The poet of “Brotherhood’ is —–  a) dealt out,   b) kept out,  c) spelt out,   d) cut out.

17) “I too am written” …… the word ‘written’ here suggests that every life, as a creation, is —–   a) forgiven,  b) predestined,   c) saved,  d) promoted.

Very Short Answer Type Questions

1) Who is the poet of the poem ‘Brotherhood’?

Ans: Ocavio Paz is the poet of the poem ‘Brotherhood’.

2) To Whom is the poem ‘Brotherhood’ dedicated?

Ans: The poem ‘Brotherhood’ is dedicated to Claudius Ptolemy.

3) What does the poet mean by ‘I am a man’?

Ans: By ‘I am a man’ the poet means that he is a human being and also hints at his earthly existence.

4) What does the poet  mean by ‘little do I last’?  (2016)

Ans:  By the phrase ‘little do I last’ the poet means that human life is very transient.

5) “And the night is enormous” —– Why is the night called enormous? / What does the poet mean by enormous night?

Ans: The night is called enormous because it represents the whole universe.

6) “But I look up”——– Why does the poet look up?

Ans:  The poet looks at the starry sky for the answer of the philosophical question of the purpose of human life and existence.

7) “I too am written”——- Who is written and how?  / What has been written?

Ans:   The destiny of the poet is written by the stars.

8) “the stars write”—— What do the stars write?  (2014,2016)

Ans: The stars write the destiny and existence of the poet as well as others in the universe.

9) “Unknowingly I understand”—– What does the line suggest? What does the poet understand?

Ans:  The poet unknowingly understands his earthly existence in this universe . like the stars he too is a creation of God.

10) “At this very moment”—– What does very moment refer to ?

Ans:  The phrase ‘very moment’ refers to the moment of the poet’s realization of his earthly existence in this universe.

11) “someone spells me out”—- Who spells out and whom? / Who spells out the poet’s destiny?  (2019)

Ans: The readers or the God reads or acknowledges the poet’s destiny.  

 Long Answer Type Questions

1) Give the substance of the poem ‘Brotherhood’.        Or  /

   Give the central idea of the poem ‘Brotherhood’       Or  /

   Justify the title of the poem   ‘Brotherhood’ .

Ans: Octavio Paz’s ‘Brotherhood’ exposes the transient nature of human life. The title centers round the relationship that binds everything in the universe organically.

                                In the opening line of his short poem the poet speaks of himself as one belonging to  human brotherhood. In this context he admits the limitation of human beings. The span of human life is very short but the surrounding universe is enormous. Looking up at the night sky, the poet watches the stars that act as our destiny. Intuitively he realizes that his life is likely to be predestined. Then he realizes that he is bound by a cosmic force.

                        Thus the poet hints on the fact that human life and existence is governed and regulated by cosmic laws. In this sense, the universe and humanity are intertwined. Hence they share brotherhood. ( So the title is apt and appropriate).

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Voice change

i) I am too written.

ii) Someone spells me out.


iii) The night is enormous.


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