The Riddle Questions Answers Class 7 Lesson 2

Class 7 এর Lesson 2 এর The Riddle, গদ্যটির প্রতিটি Question Answers আলোচনা করা হল। । Question Answers -এর PDF ও দেওয়া আছে ডাউনলোডের জন্য ।
The Riddle of Class 7 Lesson 2 ,all Question Answers are discussed & PDF for downloading.

Dear Students, পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতির সেরা ঠিকানা, আজ আমরা আপনাদের জন্য নিয়ে এসেছি The Riddle Questions Answers.
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The Riddle Questions Answers

Activity 1

Choose the correct answers from the given alternatives :

(a) Emperor Akbar was walking ——-

(i)  in his palace

(ii) in the royal garden

(iii) in the house of Birbal.

Ans: (ii) in the royal garden

(b) Birbal was Akbar’s ——–

(i) most trusted and faithful minister

(ii) greedy and unfaithful minister

(iii) rival

Ans: (i) most trusted and faithful minister

(c) The emperor was ——-

(i) happy

(ii) calm

(iii) worried

Ans: (iii) worried

(d) The fastest thing on earth is ——–

(i) the human mind

(ii) bullock cart

(iii) horse

Ans: (i) the human mind

(e) The neighbour was outwitted by —–

(i) Akbar

(ii) Birbal

(iii) the neighbour’s friend

Ans: (ii) Birbal

Activity 2

Identify which of the following statements are True and which are False. Give a supporting statement for each of your answers.

(a) Emperor Akbar was very worried when he was roaming in his garden.

Ans: T

Supporting Statements: But the great Emperor Akbar did not have peace of mind

(b) There were no flowers and fruits in the garden of Akbar.

Ans: F

Supporting Statements: His garden was lined with trees that produced the tastiest and juiciest fruits in the whole kingdom. There were flowers of all shapes and sizes in his garden.

(c) Birbal was indifferent to Akbar’s troubles.

Ans: F

Supporting Statements: Wise Birbal, noticing this, asked Akbar, ‘0 great and powerful King, what is troubling you?

(d) Birbal succeeded in answering to Akbar’s query.

Ans: T

Supporting Statements: After everyone had failed to satisfy Emperor Akbar, Birbal offered to answer his question, Birbal offered to answer his question.

(e) The people of Akbar’s court admired the wisdom of Birbal.

Ans: T

Supporting Statements: All around, people were amazed at the wisdom of Birbal

Activity 3

What kind of a text is this?

It is a  (i) play   (ii) essay   (iii) story.

Ans: (iii) story.

Activity 4

Give another title to the story. Give reasons for your answer.


I choose this title because the text is all about the wisdom of great Birbal.

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Activity 5

Complete the sentences meaningfully :

(a) Akbar asked Birbal  ……………………………………………………………………………………

Ans:  what was the fastest thing on earth.

(b) Most people of the court of Akbar were puzzled …………………………………

Ans: because they could understand what was the fastest thing on earth.

(c) ……………….  Withdrew his claim immediately.

Ans: When the neighbor realized that he was outwitted by Birbal he

(d) ………………………. the fastest thing on earth.

Ans: The human mind is

Activity 6

Fill in the chart with information from the text:

 1. Akbar was troubled
2. Emperor Akbar asked Birbal to solve a riddle 
 3. The neighbour wanted to charge money for drawing water from the well


1. He could not solve a riddle. 
 2. Birbal solved the riddle with the power of his wisdom.
3. The neighbor sold the well. 

Activity 7

Answer the following questions:

(a) What were the things that the great Emperor Akbar loved?

Ans: The great Emperor Akbar loved arts, science, literature and music.

(b) Why did Akbar not have peace of mind?

Ans: Akbar did not have peace of mind because he could not find the answer to a simple question – what was the fastest thing on this planet ?

(c) What was the problem presented by the man from the audience?

Ans: A man from the audience presented a problem. He claimed that his neighbour had sold him his well. Then, when he wanted to draw water from the well, his neighbour wanted to charge him money for it.

(d) How did Birbal solve the problem?

Ans: Birbal solved the problem by his wisdom. He told the man to claim money from his neighbor for keeping water  in his well. The neighbour realised that he was outwitted and withdrew his claim immediately.

Activity 8

Identify the words from the text which are the synonyms of the following words:

(a) confused

Ans: puzzled

(b) demand

Ans: claim

(c) argument

Ans: dispute

(d) surprised

Ans: amazed

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Activity 9

Complete the following sentences with the proper degree of adjectives:

(a) Shiela has the __________ (long) hair in the class.

Ans: longest

(b) Mr.GhosaI is _________ (busy) than Mr.Patnaik.

Ans: busier

(c) We should be _________  (careful) in our speech.

Ans: more careful

(d) Shenawaz is as_________ (thin ) as Pralay.

Ans: thin

(e) The owl is considered as the _________  (wise) of all.

Ans: wisest

(g ) His house is _________ (far) away from my house than Sanjeev’s.

Ans: farther

Activity 10

Fill in the blanks with either Present Continuous Tense or Past Continuous Tense:

(a) It __________ (rain) now.

Ans: is raining

(b) Dr.Manmohan Singh ___________ (visit) Kolkata today.

Ans: is visiting

(c)  Hari  ___________  (study) at 9pm yesterday.

Ans: was studying

(d) The boys __________ (play) in the field now.

Ans: are playing

(e) Rahim __________ (talk) to his friend when his mother called him.

Ans: was talking

Activity 11

Suppose your friend asks you to solve a riddle and you don’t know the answer to it. Write a dialogue in about 75 words based on the conversation that you had with your friend.Begin like this:

Sunil   : Hello Rohit! What’s going on?

You   : Nothing serious. Just having a crack at this crossword.

Sunil   : Good to see that you like puzzles. Well, here’s a riddle for you.

You   : What’s the riddle?

Sunil   : Well,


Sunil   : Hello Rohit! What’s going on?

You   : Nothing serious. Just having a crack at this crossword.

Sunil   : Good to see that you like puzzles. Well, here’s a riddle for you.

You   : What’s the riddle?

Sunil   : Well, here’s the riddle for you. I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?

You     : This is an easy one but I shall think about it again.

Sunil   :  No matter. You may take your time.

You    : The answer is a candle. Am I right?

Sunil  : You’re absolutely right. You are very intelligent.

You    : Thank you very much. We shall do more when we meet.

Sunil  :  Surely. Good bye.

You     :  Good bye.

Activity 12

Try to write a story that you may have heard before using the following points (in about 80 words):

A crow  —–  finds meat —– flies to a tree —— a clever fox —– sees —- says to crow  ——-   sing —–  crow sings —- meat falls  —-fox takes  —– crow sad —–  flies away.

Begin like this:

A crow was flying for a long time. He became very hungry……………………………

Now complete the rest of the story taking cues from above.



A crow was flying for a long time. He became very hungry. He began to search for food. Suddenly he found a piece of meat. He took it and flew to a tree. A clever fox was passing under the tree. He saw crow with the meat. He said to the crow, “O, King of birds! Please sing a song for me” .The foolish crow believed his flattery. He opened his beak to sing. The meat fell from his beak. The fox took the meat and went away. The crow became very sad. He flew away with sorrow.

The End

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