Karma Question and Answer

Karma থেকে সমস্ত ধরনের M.C.Q, VSAQ ও LAQ ালোচিত হয়েছে । এর সাথে সম্ভাব্য Grammar গুলিও দেওয়া আছে ।
All types of M.C.Q , VSAQ and LAQ are discussed with probable Textual Grammar.

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Question and Answer

                  Multiple Choice  questions                        

1) The mirror at the Waiting Room was obviously made in  ……………  a) servile row, b) Balliol, c) India, d) Belgium.

2. Sir Mohan Lal smiled of the mirror with an air of   ……   a) anger b) patronage;      c) pity   d) both ‘b’ and ‘c’. 

3.  The quality was not present to Sir Mohan Lal    ……   a) Efficiency, b) handsome c) distinguished, d) Indifferent.

4. Sir Mohan Lal addressed the mirror was ……………   a) inefficient, indifferent, dirty, b) Efficient, handsome, distinguished, c) handsome, dirty, efficient, d) Efficient, distinguished, indifferent.

5. The mirror supposed to addressed of the Mohan Lal    ……………     a) inefficient, indifferent, dirty,   b) Efficient, handsome, distinguished,   c) handsome, dirty, efficient,  d) Efficient, distinguished, indifferent.

6. Lady Lal was sitting on ………  a) large cane chair, b) Large grey steel trunk, c) small cane chair, d) small grey steel trunk.

7. Lachmi ate ……    a) Parathas and pickle b) chapatti, pickle, c) rice, dal, d) all of the above.

8. Lady Lal wore ………… a) sari, diamond nose, b) gold bangles, c) gold chain, d) both ‘a’ and ‘b’.

9. In profession sir Mohan Lal was ………… a) businessman, b) barrister, c) vizier, d) both ‘a’  and ‘c’.

10. Lady Lal stop before a hawker stall to  ………   a) fill her betel leaf case, b) fill the trunk, c) fill the brass Tiffin carries,  d) none of the above.

11. Mr. Mohan Lal ordered Lady Lal in …… a) English b) Hindi c) Hindustani d) anglicized Hindustani.

 12. Lachmi paid to the coolie ……… a) one anna bit b) two anna bit c) four anna bit d) five anna bit.

13. Sir Mohan Lal spoke Hindustani ……………  a) rarely b) frequently c) willingly d) spontaneously.

 14. Mohan Lal stays in Britain for ……………  a) eight years b) four years c) three years d) five years.

15. Sir Mohan Lal stayed night in England at …………  a) Leeds b) Piccadilly c) oval d) none of them.

16. If both ‘The Times’ and the ‘tie’ failed Sir Mohan Lal would try …………… a) whisky b) cigarettes c)   betel leaf d) both ‘a’ and ‘b’.

17. Sir Mohan Lal tried to impress the Englishmen by reading ……………  a)The Telegraph b) The Times c) The Statesmen d) all of them.

18. Where would Sir Mohan Lal have his dinner during his stay in London  ……………  a) at the inn in one central London b) at the inn in of Piccadilly c) at the inn in of coat d) at the inn in of Oxford.

19. wheel travelling Sir Mohan Lal always wore a ……………   a) Indian tie b) Balliol tie c) middle tie d) all of the them.

20.  Sir Mohan Lal was about ……………  a) 50 years b) 45 years c) 75 years d) 60 years.

21. ‘Someone would like to borrow it when it put it aside‘—-here it refers to …………                a) The Times, b) Balliol tie, c) the scotch, d) English cigarettes .

22. Mr. Mohan Lal face was lit up seeing  …………  a) scotch b) the train whistling c) the Times d) to English soldiers truing along .

23. The name of the soldiers in one short story ‘Karma’ ………… a) Bill and Jim b) Tom and Jim c) Bill and Tom d) Jim and Bill.

24. Sir Mohan Lal protested against the English soldiers in ……… -a) Oxford accent b) anglicized Hindustani c) English d) none of them.

25. ‘Get the nigger out’—here the nigger means ………  a) A white person, b) a black person, c) A killed worker, d) all of them.

26. Lady Lal spat a jet of mead dribble live ……… a) Rain b) dirt c) disk d) bullet.                              27. Sir Mohan Lal’s ways and manners were meant to produce the impression ……………  a) the he was an Englishmen. b) That he was as Anglicized and refined as an English gentleman c) that he belonged to Indian nobility d) that he was not an Indian nobleman.

28. Sir Mohan Lal believed that qualities attached to ‘Indian’ were ……………  a) lazy, corrupt, slow b) inefficient, dirty, indifferent c) traditional ,upper class, luxurious  d) efficient, worthy of  emulation.

29. The words “get the nigger out” suggest  ……………  a) A sense of irony, b) A sense of humour, c) A sense of farce d) A sense of tragedy.

30) When Sir Mohan Lal saw two English soldiers walking towards his coupe, he decided to ……………  a) shoot them out, b) welcome them out, c) vent his anger on them, d)  ignore them with an expressionless matter-of-factness.

             Very Short Answer Type Questions                  

1) Who was Sir Mohan Lal ?

Ans : Sir Mohan Lal was a vizier and barrister.

2) In which compartment of the train was Lachmi travelling? 

Ans: Lachmi was travelling in interclass zenana compartment.

3)What was Lachmi doing while sitting on her steel trunk?

Ans: Lachmi was chewing betel leaf  and fanning herself with a newspaper while sitting on her steel trunk.

4) What did Lady Mohan Lal wear?  / How was Lachmi dressed?

Ans: Lachmi was dressed in a dirty white sari with a red border and a diamond nose ring and several bangles.

5) Why did Lady Lal stop at a hawker’s stall in the station?

Ans:  Lady Lal stopped at a hawker’s stall in the station to replenish her silver betel leaf case.

6) Which newspaper did Sir Mohan Lal always carry?

Ans:  Sir Mohan Lal carried ‘The Times’ with him.

7) What was Sir Mohan doing when the train arrived?

Ans:  When the train arrived, Sir Mohan was sipping his scotch and ruminating.

8) What did Sir Mohan Lal think of his English ?

Ans: Sir MohanLal thought that his English was finished and refined at no less a place than the university of Oxford .

9) How many years had Sir Mohan Lal stayed in England ?

Ans :  Sir Mohan Lal had stayed in England for five years .

10) What was Lachmi fond of ?

Ans : Lachmi was fond of a little gossip .

11) When was Sir Mohan Lal’s face lit up ?

Ans : Sir Mohan’s face was lit up when he saw two English soldiers trudging along , looking in all the compartment for room .

12) How did Sir Mohan Lal smile at the mirror ?

Ans : Sir Mohan Lal smiled at the mirror with an air of pity and patronage .

13) “ I’ll have you arrested “- who said this and to whom ?

Ans : Sir Mohan Lal said this to Bill and Jim .

14) How did Lady Lal charged the betel leaves ?                                                                                

Ans : Lady lal charged the betel leaves with a red and white paste , minced betel nuts and cardamos

15) Why did Lady Lal’s relative’s not come to her Bungalow ?

Ans : Lady Lal’s relatives did not come to her Bungalow because Mr. Mohan Lal did not like her poor illiterate relatives hanging round his bungalow .

16) Why did Lady Lal thanked God ?

Ans : Lady Lal thanked God for the favour of a filling meal .

17) Who was Lachmi ?

Ans : Lachmi was the wife of Sir Mohan Lal . 

18) What did Lachmi take out from the brass carrier? / What meal did Lachmi have?

Ans: Lachmi took out a bundle of crumpled chapattis and some mango pickle from the brass tiffin carrier.

19) Who addressed Sir Mohan Lal as an ‘old chap’?

Ans: The mirror addressed Sir Mohan Lal as an ‘old chap’.

20) Whom did Sir Mohan meet in the train?

Ans:  Sir Mohan met two English soldiers named Bill and Jim in train compartment.

21) “Get the nigger out”—— What does the word ‘nigger’ mean?

Ans: The word ‘nigger’ suggests an insulting tone to a nonwhite person.

22) “Get the nigger out”——  Whom does the word ‘nigger’ refer to?   (2015)

Ans:  The word ‘nigger’ refers to Sir Mohan Lal.

23) What does Sir Mohan have in the button hole?

Ans:  Sir Mohan Lal had carnation in the button hole.

24) How much did Lachmi pay to the coolie?  (2017)

Ans: Lachmi paid the coolie a two anna bit from the knot of her saree.

25) In which language did Sir Mohan Lal speak?   (2016)

Ans:  Sir Mohan Lal spoke in English in Oxford accent.

                      Descriptive Type     

  1) Compare and contrast the personalities of Sir Mohan Lal and Lady Lal, especially they conduct themselves at the railway station. ( Title of the short short story ‘Karma’ )

Ans:  Sir Mohan Lal and his wife Lachmi are diametrically opposite to each other in every sense. In fact they are poles apart in respect of upbringing, way of living,  manners and dress, attitudes and outlook of life.

                                      [ Sir Mohan Lal is a vizier, a barrister. He has been educated at Oxford University. He uses foreign cosmetics and is very much aware of his expensive dresses. He drinks Scotch and smokes English cigarettes only. He hardly speaks his mother tongue and also has refined manner. He is enamored of the English ways of life and critical of the Indian ways and attitudes. Besides he copies the English blindly. ]                          (character of Sir Mohan)

          [ Lachmi on the other hand, is a typical Indian woman.  She is simple and unsophisticated. She cannot understand English and does not know the ways of the upper class. She wears a dirty white saree with red border and heavy gold ornaments. She is not reserved like her husband but very much worm in her heart. She loves to gossip and even chatters with a poor coolie . Her very Indianness is evident in her food, dress, manners and way of life. All this suggests that the couple are accidentally yoked together. ]                       (character of Lady Lal)

[ Inspite  of his good dresses and oxford accent, Sir Mohan suffers humiliation in the hands of the two British soldiers who look upon him as a nigger. Thus he suffered the consequences of his own karma.

 Lachmi on the other hand gets respect even from the coolie and is found to be happily munching betel leaf at the end of the story. ]                   (Title)

2) “I am only a native woman”- describe the speaker’s character in the light of  the comment. OR /

Sketch the character of Lady Lal. 

Ans:  প্রথম প্রশ্নের ২য় অংশ  

3) Sketch the character of Sir Mohan Lal .

Ans : প্রথম প্রশ্নের ১ম অংশ

4) “Preposterous, preposterous, he shouted”—Who shouted? Why did he react in this way? What was result? [ 1+2+2 ]  [2019 ]

Ans: Being livid with rage  Sir Mohan Lal shouted in this way

                        The two English soldiers decided to drive out Sir Mohan Lal and occupy both the berths. Sir Mohan Lal protested and argued with them in chaste English. But those two English soldiers took his belongings and threw them out. Sir Mohan Lal was livid with rage and said this.

                                                Sir Mohan’s angry protest in fine English prove abortive. Jim struck sir Mohan on the face.They threw him out of the compartment with all his belongings.

5) “Get the nigger out” , he mutered—– Who said this to whom ? Who was referred to as ‘nigger’?

What happened after that ? / Bring out the irony in the situation.

Ans :  In Khushwant Singh’s shor story ‘Karma’ Jim said this to his companion Jim.

                             Sir Mohan Lal was referred to as ‘nigger’ by them.

          The two English soldiers decided to drive out Sir Mohan Lal and occupy both the berths. Sir Mohan Lal protested and argued with them in chaste English. But those two English soldiers took his belongings and threw them out. Sir Mohan Lal was livid with rage. His angry protest in fine English prove abortive. Jim struck sir Mohan on the face. They threw him out of the compartment with all his belongings. Thus he suffered the consequences of his own karma.

4) Write a short note on Sir Mohan Lal’s fascination for English people or culture?   Or

Briefly describe the thoughts of Sir Mohan Lal as he sat waiting alone in the first-class compartment.

“Five years of crowded glorious life” —- Describe briefly the life of Sir Mohan in England.

Ans:  Before boarding the train Sir Mohan Lal sank into a large cane chair and sipped at his ease.

                                         He disliked any sort of haste. He thought about the five glorious years he spent in England. He used to wear grey gown and enjoyed mixed doubles and rugby matches. Those English days of studies and English nights at Piccadilly crowded his memory. English was like a fairyland to him. In his conversation he wanted to present himself in front of the British in his best possible way. So that, even the British would become charmed by his British-like attitude, knowledge and culture. He continued thinking about the prospect of travelling with a Britisher. He would draw the attention of an Englishman basically with the baits namely ‘Balliol tie’, ‘The Times’ ,’ scotch’ and English cigarettes.

           This thoughts crowded his memory as he sat waiting alone in the first-class compartment.


Voice change;-

1) Sir Mohan threw out his chest.                                         

2) He glanced at his watch.

3) She wore a dirty white sari with a red border.                

  4) She hailed a passing railway coolie.

5) The coolie hoisted the steel trunk on his head.         

6) He did not like her poor illiterate relative.                             

7) The bell announced the approaching train.                     

8) Get the nigger out.

9) She produced a two Anna bit from a knot in the sari.    

10) Keep yer ruddy mouth shut.

11) You will find room in the zenana.                            

12) Lady Lal hurriedly finished off her meal.

13) Lady Lal opens the brass carrier.                              

   14) Jim struck Sir Mohan flat on the face.

15)He rarely spoke Hindustani.

Narration Change

1) She said to the coolie, “Are the trains very crowded on these lines?”

2) “are you travelling alone, sister?” he said to Lady Lal.   3) “You are a bit of all right, old chap”, it said.

4) “Keep your ruddy mouth shut”, Jim said to sir Mohan.

5) “Get the nigger out”, he muttered to his companion.

Complex / Simple

1) The mirror was obviously made in India.  [ Complex ]

2) A bearer in white livery appeared through a wire gauze door.  [ complex ]

3) The train gave a short whistle and the train began to move. [ Simple ]

4) He surveyed the compartment and noticed the unoccupied berth.  [ Simple / Complex ]

5) They picked up Sir Mohan’s suitcase and flung it on to the platform.  [ Simple ]

6) She wore a dirty white sari with a red border.   [ complex ]

Negative / Affirmative

1) He could on almost any subject . [ Negative ]       5) Whisky never failed with Englishman. [Affirmative]

2) The time always attracted attention. . [ Negative ] 6) He never showed any sign of eagerness to talk with

3) These days all the trains are crowed. . [ Negative ]      the English. [Affirmative]

4) The mirror was obviously made in India. . [ Negative ] 7) I am only a native woman. [ Negative ]


1) The signal came down and clanging of the bell announced the approaching train.

2) She was fond of a little gossip and had no one to talk to at home.

3) They opened the door and turned to the half smiling, half protesting Sir Mohan.

4) He surveyed the compartment and noticed an unoccupied berth.

5) The coolie flattened his turban to make a cushion.

Change of Parts of Speech

1) The mirror was obviously made in India.  [ Use Adjective form]

2) Whisky never failed with Englishman. [ Use Noun form ]

3) She was fond of a little gossip.  [ Use Verb form ]

4) These nocturnal visits however born no fruit.  [ Use Noun form ]

5)  She obeyed passively. [ Use Noun form ]                                              

6) Lachmi chatted away merrily.  [ Use Noun form ]

7) Lady Lal hurriedly finished off her meal. [ Use Noun form ]

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