Leela’s Friend Question and Answer

Leela’s Friend থেকে সমস্ত ধরনের M.C.Q, VSAQ ও LAQ আলোচিত হয়েছে । এর সাথে সম্ভাব্য Grammar গুলিও দেওয়া আছে ।
All types of M.C.Q , VSAQ and LAQ are discussed with probable Textual Grammar.

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Multiple Choice Questions

1) Sidda was hired because ——– a) he came from a doctor’s house,   b) he ahad a good record of house keeping,   c) Leela decided he had to stay,   d) he looked tidy.

2) Sidda’s former master was ——  a) a doctor,   b) Mr. Sivasanker,   c) a ranger,   d) an inspector.

3) When Sidda was hanging about the gate, Mr. Sivasanker was ——-  a) working in the garden,   b) brooding over the servant problem,   c) standing in the front veranda,    d) both ‘b’ & ‘c’.

4) Mr. Sivasanker’s first impression about Sidda was good because he appeared ——- a) smart,   b) tidy,   c) strange,   d) poor.

5) Before taking a decision to appoint Sidda, Mr. Sivasanker called his ——-  a) daughter,    b) wife,   c) friend,   d) lawyer.

6) Sidda got as wages ——-  a) forty rupees a month,   b) four rupees a month,   c) four hundred rupees a month,   d) four thousand rupees a month.

7) Leela was ——–  a) 4 years old,   b) 5 years old,   c) 6 years old,   d) 8 years old.

8) The work Sidda did not do at Mr. Sivasanker’s house was ——  a) chopping woods,   b) cooking meals,   c) tending the garden,  d) running errands.

9) Leela and Sidda used to play in the ——-  a) back of the house,   b) front of the house,   c) front garden,   d) field.

10) Leela and Sidda used to play with a ——-  a) moon,   b) red ball,  c) football,   d) all of them.

11) Leela knew from the alphabet —— a) 3or 4 letters,    b) 2or 3 letters,   c) 1 or 2 letters,   d) 5or 6 letters.

12) Leela took classes for Sidda ——-  a) at dawn,   b) in the morning,   c) at dusk,   d) at night.

13) Which of the following was not present in Leela’s book—-  a) stumps of pencil,  b) pencil-sharpner,  c) catalogues,    d) illustrated books.

14) After examining the effort of Sidda’s writing Leela  —–  a) rebuked him,   b) pitied him,   c) scolded him,  d) all of the above.

15) The relationship that Leela and Sidda enjoyed was one of ——  a) friendship and trust,   b) employer and employee,   c) suspicion and caution,   d) hatred and enemity.

16) The thing lost by Leela was ——  a) a gold ring,   b) a gold chain,   c) a gold button,  d) a gold neckles.

17) Leela was put to sleep by —–  a) Sidda’s story,   b) Sidda’s song,  c) mother’s stories,  d) father’s song.

18) “the fellow already looked queer”—— here the word ‘queer’ means——  a) strange,   b) natural,   c) unnatural,   d) mischievous.

19) The police inspector / Mr. Sivasanker considered  Sidda as  ——  a) a thief,   b) a dacoit,   c) an old criminal,   d) a smuggler.

20) Leela asked her mother to tell a story of ——  a) a tiger,  b) Gods,   c) magicians,   d) elephant.

21) Leela’s father worked ——– a) in a school,   b) in a college,   c) in the office,   d) in the police station.

22) Sidda was taken to the police station because ——  a) the police had proof that Sidda stole the chain,   b) the police found the chain from Sidda,   c) Sidda confessed of stealing the chain,   d) the police assumed that Sidda stole the chain.

23) Leela’s chain was finally found in the ——  a) box,   b) bed,  c) tamarind pot,   d) suitcase.

24) Leela’s mother was unable to tell her a story because —–  a) she did not know any,   b) her mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of Sidda,  c) she was too sleepy to narrate her a story,  d) all of them.

25) In Mr. Sivasanker’s house Sidda slept ——-  a) Leela’s room,   b) outside of the house,  c) servant’s quarter,   d) on Leela’s bed.

26) “Don’t go near him”——this was said by —— a) the police inspector,   b) Mr. Sivasnker,   c) Leela’s mother,   d) the constable.

27) “Have you done it” ——  here ‘it’ refers to ——  a) looking at well,   b) touching the sky,   c) telling a story,   d) following the moon.

28) Sidda left his early job because —— a) his master did not pay him,   b) his master disliked him,  c) his master left town,   d) his master scolded him.

29) Sidda lost his earlier job because —–  a) he stole money,   b) he stole jewellery of a child,   c) the doctor left the down,   d) he was ill.

30) Leela’s mother thought that she had given shelter to a —–  a) hero,   b) a thief,   c) a villain,  d0 a traitor.

31) Mr. Sivasanker considered Sidda as a / an ——  a) thief,  b) dacoit,  c) criminal,  d) smuggler.

32) Mr. Sivasanker saw Leela carrying the chain in her hand ——-  a) once or twice,   b) twice,   c) thrice,   d) several times.

33) Sidda knew ——  a) all alphabet,  b) one or two letters,  c) only one letter ‘B’,  d) no letter at all.

34) Leela took Sidda’s class during —-  a) evening,  b) dusk,   c) afternoon,  d) morning.

35) Sidda had to sleep at night —– a) in the servant’s quarter,   b) in the drawing room,   c) outside the house,  d) in the vveranda.

Very Short Answer Type Questions

1) Who was Leela ?

Ans:  Leela was the five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker.

2) Who was Sidda ?

Ans:  Sidda was a homeless, poor boy who earned his living working as a servant in others house and he was Leela’s friend.

3) Where did Mr. Sivasanker first meet Sidda?

Ans:  Mr. Sivasanker first met Sidda in the front veranda of his house.

4) What was Mr. Sivasanker’s first impression about Sidda?

Ans:  At first sight Mr. Sivasanker subjected Sidda to a scrutiny and thought that he was not a bad short of person. He also looked tidy.

5) “He called his wife”— Who called his wife and when ?  / Why ?

Ans: Mr. Sivasanker called his wife because (when) he could not decide to engage Sidda as a servant.

6) Why did Sidda leave his earlier job?

Ans:  Sidda left his earlier job in a doctor’s house because the doctor had left the town.

7) “And that decided  it” —– What was decided ?

Ans: Here ‘it’ refers to the employment of Sidda in the house of Mr. Sivasanker, decided at he wish of Leela.

8) What works did Sidda do in Mr. Sivasanker’s house?    [ 2014; 2017]

Ans:  In Mr. Sivasanker’s house Sidda had to wash clothes, tend the garden, run errands, chop woods and above all look after little Leela.

9) How was Sidda paid for his work in Mr. Sivasanker’s house ?

Ans:  Sidda was given two meals a day and four rupees a month for his works.

10) “Leela keenly examine the ball”— Why did Leela keenly examine the ball/

Ans: Leela keenly examine the ball to search a little bit of moon sticking to the ball.

11) How, according to Sidda one can touch the sky?

Ans: According to Sidda one can touch the sky if he stands on a coconut tree.

12) What sort of stories did Sidda tell Leela ?

Ans: Sidda used to tell Leela the stories of animals in the jungles, of gods in heaven, of magicians who could conjure up golden castle and fill them with little princes and their pets.

13) what did Leela use to do after dinner ? / What was the usual routine of Leela after dinner?

Ans: After dinner, Leela used to run to her bed to listen a story form Sidda.

14) When did Leela take a class for Sidda and how? / What did Leela ask Sidda to draw and write?

Ans:  At dusk Leela took a class for Sidda by asking him to draw a ‘crow’ or the letter ‘B’.

15) How many letters of the alphabet did Leela know?

Ans:  Leela knew two or three letters of the alphabet and could draw a kind of cat and crow.

16) “Her mother gave her a slap”—- Whose mother gave a slap and why?

Ans:  Leela’s mother gave her a slap for she had lost her gold chain and could not tell anything about it.

17) “His throat went dry”—– Whose throat went dry and why ?

Ans:  Sidda’s throat went bcause he got nervous in Leela’s mother’s query of chain.

18) Who put Leela sleep and how ?

Ans:  Sidda put Leela to sleep by telling her a story.

19) Which thought made Leela’s mother panicky ?

Ans: The thought of Sidda who might enter home at night and loot all, made Leela’s mother panicky.

20) Who found the gold chain and from where ?

Ans: Leela’s mother found the gold chain inside a tamarind pot in the kitchen.

21) “The inspector was furious”—– Why was the inspector furious ?

Ans: The inspector was furious because Mr. Sivasanker had not consulted him before engaging Sidda.

22) “After meal Leela refused to go to bed”—– Why did Leela refuse to go to bed?

Ans: Leela refused to go to bed because she wanted Sidda there to tell her a story.

Long Answer Type Questions

1) Describe briefly the relationship between Leela and Sidda.


How did Sidda and Leela spend time together?


“Day by day she clung closer to Sidda”—- Briefly describe how Leela clung closer to Sidda?


Who was Sidda? How did she become leela’s friend?


List the ways in which Sidda’s company makes Leela supremely happy.

Ans: Sidda, one of the chief characters of the short story ‘Leela’s Friend’ was a homeless poor boy.

                                                He was employed as a servant in Mr. Sivasanker’s house at the request of Leela, five years old daughter of Mr. Sivasanker. Besides running errands and other household jobs he mainly looked after Leela. Gradually Sidda and Leela became good friends. He also became Leela’s paly mate. He played with Leela and taught her little tricks of nature. He also showed Leela how the moon followed him and she easily believed it. Leela in return played the teacher to him. She tried to teach him with the little knowledge she had. On the other hand Sidda a store-home of many interesting stories of animals, gods, magicians, princesses etc. Leela listened to them spellbound in her bed. Thus a sweet relationship was established between them.

2) How did Sidda play with Leela.


“Sidda come and play”—– What kind of games did the speaker play?


How did R.K. Narayan describeLeela’s experience of playing with Sidda?

Ans: From the very first day Sidda’s appointment as a servant to their home, Leela became emotionally attached to him. Naturally she called him now and then even when he was working. He ran down to her at once and played games with a red ball and the moon. Leela flung the ball at him and Sidda flung it back. According to the wish of Leela, Sidda threw the ball up and told her that the ball had touched the moon. Leela examined the bell curiously to find the traces of the moon but failed to find any sign. Being an imaginative person Sidda let her know that the moon was very obedient to him. Sidda showed Leela how the moon followed him and Leela easily believed it. Thus the two intimate friends passed time in joy and wonder in the world of fantasy and dream.


Voice change

1) Sidda knows the moon.                              2) Leela keenly examined the ball.

3) His company made her supremely happy.    4) Leela gave a cry of joy.

5) I like him.                                                 6) He has taken away your gold chain.

7) I will show you something nice.                  8) She knew two or three letters of the alphabet.

9) Have you done it ?                                    10) Why did they send you away ?

11) Don’t send him away.            12) Sidda was given two meals a day and four rupees a month.

13) Her mother gave her a slap.                      14) Let us keep him in our house.

15) The police knows his haunts.                     16) You are always abusing and worrying Sidda.

Narration change

1) Sidda asked Mr. Sivasanker, “Sir, do you want a servant?’

2) “Where is your chain?”, mother said to Leela.        3) “I have not taken it”, Sidda said feebly.

4) “How did it get into the tamarind pot?”, mother asked. 5) “Tell me a story, mother,” Leela said.

6) “Have you done it?” asked Leela.      7) “Does the moon know you?”, Leela said to Sidda.

8) “Come in”, said Mr. Sivasanker.                   9) Leela told her mother, “Sidda knows the moon”.

Affirmative / Negative

1) Mr. Sivasanker was unable to make up his mind.           [ Negative ]

2) It was impossible for her to think a new story now.      [ Negative ]

3) But one of these could Sidda even remotely copy.        [ Affirmative ]

4) I don’t like you.                                                         [ Affirmative ]

5) Her mind was disturbed.                                             [ Negative ]                       


1) Leela, their five-year-old daughter, came out, looked at Sidda and gave a cry of joy.

2) As Sidda opened the gate and came in, Mr. Sivasanker subjected him to a scrutiny and said to himself.

3) Sidda clutched the ball closed his eyes for a second and threw the ball up.

4) He blinked and answered that he did not know.

Sentence Change

1) What a risk we took in engaging that fellow!  [ statement ]

2) What a rough fellow he must be !                  [ statement ]

3) He is very stubborn.     [ Exclamatory ]

Simple / Complex

1) Leela clapped her hands and scremed in wonder.    [simple ]

2) It gave her a great joy to play the teacher to Sidda. [ complex ]

3) She mentioned the police and shouted at him. [ simple ]

4) The inspector was furious that I did not consult him before employing him. [ Simple]

5) He had box filled with catalogues, illustrated books and stumps of pencils.  [ Complex]

Change of parts of speech

1) Leela’s mother threw a glance at him. [‘verb’ form] 2) He looked at Leela.  [ ‘Noun’ form ]

3) Mr. Sivasanker subjected him to a scrutiny. [ ‘verb’ form]

4) Sidda answered feebly. [ Noun/Adjectve form ]     

5) Her mother gave her a slap.   [ ‘verb’ form ]        

6) His company made her supremely happy.      [ ‘Adjective’ / ‘Noun’ form ]

7) Leela keenly examined the bell.    [ ‘Adjective / ‘Noun’ form ]   

8) Leela replied haughtily.          [ ‘Adjective’ / ‘Noun’ form ]

9) Sidda indicated vague somewhere. [ Adjective form ]   10) She pitied him. [ ‘Noun’ form ]

11) Leela’s father and mother too joined in this appeal.      [ ‘verb’ form ]                             

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