An April Day Questions Answers Class 8 Lesson 3

Class 8 এর Lesson 3 এর An April Day, পদ্যটির প্রতিটি Question Answers আলোচনা করা হল। । Question Answers -এর PDF ও দেওয়া আছে ডাউনলোডের জন্য ।
An April Day of Class 8 Lesson 3 ,all Question Answers are discussed & PDF for downloading.

Dear Students, পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতির সেরা ঠিকানা, আজ আমরা আপনাদের জন্য নিয়ে এসেছি An April Day Questions Answers. নিচে Post টি যত্নসহকারে পড়ুন ও জ্ঞানভাণ্ডার বৃদ্ধি করুন। নিয়মিত
বিনামূল্যে পড়াশোনা করতে এবং নোটস, সাজেশান, প্রশ্ন উত্তর ইত্যাদি স্টাডি ম্যাটেরিয়াল PDF আকারে বিনামূল্যে ডাউনলোড করতে এবং ভিডিও ক্লাস করতে আমাদের ওয়েবসাইট ভিজিট করুন।

An April Day Questions Answers

Activity -1

Tick the correct alternative:

(i) When the warm sun has returned again, it is nice to ——- (a) sing out loud

(b) visit the still wood (c) sail down the river

Ans: (b) visit the still wood

(ii) The sapling draws its sustenance from —– (a) the blue sky (b) rainwater

(c) earth’s loosened mould

Ans: (c) earth’s loosened mould

(iii) The birds——-  (a) glance quick in the bright sun (b) sit on the branches ofthe trees (c) peck at the grains from the ground

Ans: (a) glance quick in the bright sun

(iv) The green slope throws its shadow upon —— (a) the mountain (b) the hollows of the hills (c) the sand dunes

Ans: (b) the hollows of the hills

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Activity -2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) Spring   is   the   season   of   ____________________________                

Ans:  wmth and natural beauty

(b) The coming-on of storms  is  foretold  by ______________            

Ans: dark and many folded clouds.

(c) The birds move along _____________________                  

Ans: the forest openings.

(d) The  bright sunset fills  ______________

Ans: the silver wood with light.                

Activity- 3

Answer the following question:

Why do you think the poet “loves the season well?” (তুমি কেন মনে করে কবি “ঋতুকে ভাল ভালবাসেন?“)

Ans: I think the poet loves the season because it is the time of flowers and the weather is pleasant without storm.

Activity -4

Fill in the chart with information from the text:

WhoDid What
(i) The first flower 
(ii) The forest glades 
(iii) The sapling 
(iv) The drooping tree   


WhoDid What
 (i) bloomed in the wood
 (ii) were teeming with bright forms
 (iii) drew its sustenance and thrives
 (iv) revived with their leaves.

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Answer the following questions:

(a) Why is it sweet to visit the wood during springtime? (বসন্তকালে বনে ঘুরতে যাওয়া মিষ্টি কেন?)

Ans: It is sweet to visit the wood during springtime because the forest glades are filled with bright colourful flowers and the nature is very beautiful.

(b) What does winter’s cold do to the tree? (শীতের ঠান্ডা গাছের কী করে?)

Ans: The winter’s cold made the leaves of the tree droop and affected in its heart.

 (c) What time of the day do you think it is when “the green slope throws its shadows in the hollows of the hills”? (দিনের কোন সময় তুমি মনে করো যখন “সবুজ ঢাল পাহাড়ের গর্তের মধ্যে তার ছায়া ফেলে”?)

Ans: During sun set the green slope throws its shadow in the hill.

(d) Why do you think the poem is titled “An April Day”?  Suggest an alternative title. (কবিতাটির শিরোনাম ‘এক এপ্রিল দিবস কেন মনে হয়? একটি বিকল্প শিরোনাম প্রস্তাব করো.)

Ans: In America April is the month of Spring. As the poem represents the days of Spring, it is rightly titled “Ann April day”.

         An Alternative title may be “A Spring Day”.

Activity -6(a)

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms from those given in brackets:

(i)  He _______ here for the last two years.(worked, is working, has been


Ans: has been working

(ii) The baby _______ all morning.(cries, has been crying, had cried)

Ans:  has been crying

(iii) It _______ for a long time before we went to school.(had been raining,

rained, rains)

Ans: had been raining

(iv) The passengers of the train _______ fast when the accident occurred. (slept, had been sleeping, sleep)

Ans: had been sleeping

Activity – 6(b)

Fill in the blanks with either the Future Continuous tense or Future Perfect tense of the verbs given in brackets:

(i)  I suppose it  _______ when we start. (rain)

Ans: will be raining

(ii) He  _______  us next week.(meet)

Ans: will be meeting

(iii) She  _______ Jamshedpur by then.(reach)

Ans: will have reached

(iv) This book is not fat, I  _______ it by lunch time.(read)

Ans: shall have read

Activity- 7

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

(a) harvest   :

Ans:  The rice is ripe for harvest.        

(b) teeming :

Ans: The pond is teeming with fish.                        

(c) thrives  :

Ans: The tree thrives well in rainy season.                   

(d) glance    :

Ans: She gave him a quick glance.         

Activity- 8(a)

Write a paragraph in about eighty words on the changes that you see in nature when spring comes after winter.

(শীতের পরে বসন্ত এলে প্রকৃতিতে যে পরিবর্তনগুলি দেখতে পাও তার উপর প্রায় আশিটি শব্দে একটি অনুচ্ছেদ লেখ।)



Spring is the sixth season in the season cycle of Bengal. It comes after the cold and dreary days of winter. Nature welcomes the ‘King of Seasons’ with a new look. With the arrival of spring, the gentle movement of southerly winds begins in the nature. New shoots come out on trees. Mango trees are covered with new blossoms. Ashoka, Palash, Shimul, and Krishnachura flowers cover the surroundings. The blue sky is filled with red flowers. Bees and butterflies dance in the flowers. The cuckoo’s chirping fills the human mind with joy. The waves of wind carries the scent of various flowers. The weather is pleasant in spring. A year ends with the farewell of ‘Ritu Raj’

Activity -8(b)

You have a separate routine of work in the morning and in the evening. Write a page in your diary on that part of the day which you prefer more.

(তোমার সকালে এবং সন্ধ্যায় কাজের একটি পৃথক রুটিন আছে। দিনের সেই অংশে তোমার ডায়েরিতে একটি পৃষ্ঠা লেখ যা তুমি বেশি পছন্দ করো।)


January 11, Wednesday, 2023:

I wake up everyday at 6 o’ clock in the morning. Then the whole day is passed in a haste. My whole day is almost spent in school. I come back from school in the afternoon.  Then comes a little leisure to play. Soon I have to prepare my lessons for the next day. I sit before my Computer at 9 o’clock at night. This is really a relaxing time for me. I play some games and watch my favourite cartons. I really enjoy the hour. Then my mother calls me for dinner. I sit with my family and talk with one another during dinner. This the best time for me. I like this hour. I also wait for this all day along.

The End

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