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English – Group B – 2022

Time Hours 15 Minutes                                                                           Full Marks : 80

1.Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given :

a) At Sivasankar’s house Sidda was given —-

i) three meals a day and four rupees a month

ii) three meals a day and two rupees a month

iii) two meals a day and three rupees a month

iv) two meals a day and four rupees a month.

Ans: iv) two meals a day and four rupees a month.

b) Sir Mohan was struck flat on the face by —-

i) Bill

ii) the guard

iii) the coolie

iv) Jim.

Ans: iv) Jim.

c) The name of the detective in the story ‘Jimmy Valentine’ is——

 i) Mike Dolan

 ii) Ben Price

iii) Mr. Adams

iv) none of them.

Ans: ii) Ben Price

d) Leela’s chain was finally discovered from ——-

i) the pickle pot

ii) the utensil rack

iii) the tamarind pot

iv)  the flower pot.

Ans: iii) the tamarind pot

 e) Jimmy slid back a panel in the wall and brought out —–

i) a dust covered briefcase

ii) a dust covered suitcase

iii) a dust covered purse

iv) a dust covered hag.

Ans: ii) a dust covered suitcase

2. Answer any five of the following questions in a single sentence each

1 x 5 = 5

a) What did Sidda say when the ball thrown by him into the sky, came down ?

Ans: When the ball thrown by Sidda into the sky, came down he said that the ball had touched the moon.

b) “Nothing can made them confess” — Who are referred to as ‘them’ ?

Ans:  The old criminals like Sidda are referred to as ‘them’.

c) What did Sir Mohan’s mirror reflect ?

Ans:  Sir Mohan’s mirror reflected his smile and also reflected his distinguished and handsome appearance which he considered to be imperfect.

 d) How many years did Sir Mohan stay in England ?

Ans:  Sir Mohan stayed at England for five years.

 e) Whom did Jimmy plan to give his burglary tools to ?

Ans:  Jimmy planned to give his burglary tools to his friend Billy.

f) Where did Jimmy Valentine register his name as Ralph D Spencer ?

Ans:  Jimmy Valentine registered his name as Ralph D Spencer at Planter’s Hotel.

g) When did Leela run to her bed ?

Ans: After dinner Leela ran to her bed.

 h) “Lachmi chatted away merrily” — with whom did Lachmi chat away merrily ?

Ans:  Lachmi chatted away merrily with a passing railway coolie.

 i) How many letters of the alphabet did Leela know ?

Ans:  Leela knew two or three letters of the alphabet.

 j) What new thing was put in Elmore Bank ?

Ans:  A new burglar proof vault was put in Elmore Bank.

3)Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each :  5×2= 10

a) The inspector was furious — Who was the speaker? Why was the Inspector furious? What did the inspector inform?   1+2+2

Ans: Here the speaker is Mr. Sivasanker, Leela’s father.

                                  The inspector was furious because Mr. Sivasanker did not consult him before engaging Sidda in their household as servant.    

    The inspector informed Mr. Sivasanker about Sidda’s previous record as a criminal. He had been in jail half a dozen time for stealing jewellery from innocent children.

b) “I am only a native woman”—- Give a short estimation of the speaker’s

character in the light of the above comment.   5

Ans: Lachmi is a typical Indian woman.  She is simple and unsophisticated. She cannot understand English and does not know the ways of the upper class. She wears a dirty white saree with red border and heavy gold ornaments. She is not reserved like her husband but very much worm in her heart. She loves to gossip and even chatters with a poor coolie . Her very Indianness is evident in her food, dress, manners and way of life. All this suggests that the couple are accidentally yoked together.

c) “That child – she can’t stand it long in there.” – Who is referred to here? Why was she in danger ? How was she saved ?            1+2+2

Ans: Here May, five year old daughter of Annabel’s married sister is referred to here.

                                  She was shut accidentally by her elder sister Agatha into the newly installed burglar proof safe of Elmore Bank. She could have died of fright inside the dark vault.

                                                                              She was saved at last by Jimmy Valentine. Observing the whole pathetic situation Jimmy immediately transformed himself from Ralph D Spencer to his own old self. He promptly broke the vault with his unique skill and innovative tools which he had with him at that time. Breaking his previous burglary records he cracked the vault and saved innocent May.

d) “That’s Dandy Jim Valentine’s autograph,” – Who said this and why? How did he come to such a conclusion?         1 + 2 + 2

Ans:  Ben Price, the eminent detective said this.

 After comparing the notes from the scenes of crime and the similarities of methods he came to the conclusion that all these crimes had been committed by none other than Jimmy, the elusive cracksman.

                                        Jimmy became the prime suspect as Ben Price was well aware of the methodology of Jimmy. Jimmy’s methodology included long jumps, no confederates, quick get-aways and a taste for good society. Thus Ben Price came to such a conclusion.

e) Briefly describe the train of Sir Mohan Lal’s thoughts as he sat waiting alone in his first class compartment.      5

Ans: While waiting in the first class compartment Sir Mohan Lal was ruminating about the bygone days in England where he spent five years of glorious life. He was sipping his scotch and was comparing his present state of situation with his previous one. He had utter disgust for and against his countrymen as well as his wife whom he considered to be inefficient, indifferent and ugly. He remained obsessed with his life in England, his Oxford accent, English cigarettes , English way of living, grey bags,  gowns, of sports blazers, mixed doubles, dinners at the inns of Court and nights at Piccadilly. These seemed to him the ideal way of living. The Englishman were to him like the embodiment of perfection and he could not but think about them.

4) Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answers from the alternatives given:         1×5 =5

a) The city wears the beauty of the morning like ——

i) a necklace

ii) a temple

iii) a garment

iv) a tower.

Ans: iii) a garment

b) In the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge” London’s view is—-

 i) hazy

 ii) foggy

 iii) clear

iv) cloudy.

Ans: iii) clear

 c) The length of the beach as mentioned in ‘Meeting at Night’ is ——

i) one kilometer

ii) one mile

 iii) one meter

iv) three miles.

Ans: ii) one mile

d) In the poem ‘Daybreak’, the wind called the forest to ——–

i) cry out

ii) murmur

iii) lament

iv) shout.

Ans: iv) shout.

e) The “blue spurt” in ‘Meeting at Night’ suggests the lover’s——

 i) angry mood

ii) hopeful spirit

iii) depressive attitude

iv) disgusting attitude.

Ans: ii) hopeful spirit

5. Answer any five the following questions in a single sentence each : 1×5 =5

 a) Whom does the poet call ‘dull’ in the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge”?

Ans: The poet calls ‘dull’ a person who could pass by without watching the magnificent sight of London in the morning.

 b) What is referred to as ‘mighty heart’?

Ans: London is referred to as ‘mighty heart’.

c) Where does the speaker tap in the poem “Meeting at Night”?

Ans: The speaker taps at the window pane.

d) Which river is referred to in the Poem “Upon Westminster Bridge”?

Ans: The river Thames is referred to in the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge”.

e) How does the poet describe the sea and land in ‘Meeting at Night’?

Ans: The poet describes the sea as grey and land as black.

f) “In fiery ringlets from their sleep” — Why are the ringlets described as ‘fiery’?

Ans: The poet calls the ringlets fiery as they have been woken up untimely and they also reflect spirit of anticipation of the lover.

g) What is meant by ‘leafy banners’ in the poem ‘Daybreak’?

Ans: In the poem ‘Daybreak’ leafy banners means branches of trees with leaves.

h) What do you mean by ‘daybreak’?

Ans: The word ‘daybreak’ means beginning of a day.

i) What did the wind whisper to the fields of corn?

Ans: The wind whispers to the fields of corn to bow down and hail the coming morn.

j) What did the wind urge the bell to do?

Ans: The wind urged the bell to proclaim the hour.  

6. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words each :   5 x 2 = 10

a) “The beauty of the morning; silent, bare” — What beauty does the poet refer to ? Why is the beauty called ‘silent, bare’ ? 2 + 3

Ans: The beauty of the magnificent city London is referred to here. The poet could not but appreciate the silent and bare beauty of this ‘mighty heart’.

                                              As it was still early morning there was no din and bustle. Neither any industrial activities nor any transportation were visible. The city wears the beauty of the morning like garment and every object – both man-made and natural seem to be glittering in the smokeless air.

b) How does Browning use images and symbols in the poem ‘Meeting at Night’ ?

Ans: In this poem the lover is keen to meet his beloved. In the darkness of the night he travels by a boat through the sea. The darkness and night are the symbols of secrecy. The images of ‘yellow half- moon and black land’ creates a perfect atmosphere for secret meeting for the lover. After reaching on the shore he walks through three fields to reach the farm to his beloved. Here the poet again creates a nocturnal atmosphere with silence and darkness for emphasizing the sense of secrecy. The silence is so reformed that even a sharp scratch of match or a gentle tap on the window plane is clearly heard. The darkness is so intense that the blue light of the match is visible. Besides the whispering of the beloved of the lover also indicates the sense of secrecy.  

 c) What does the speaker observe in the course of his journey to the farmhouse in the poem ‘Meeting at Night’ ? What does he do as he reaches the  farmhouse ?       3+2

Ans: “Meeting at Night” is an excellent dramatic lyric of Browning. The poem represents a lover’s journey to meet his beloved secretly both through sea and land.

                                            In the darkness of the night the lover travels by a boat through the sea. The sea is gray and the moon is not in full splendor. He encounters the startled waves that break into fiery ringlets. After a long journey the boat is finally anchored in the sandy shore. Then he walks a mile on the beach and crosses three fields. Animated with expectation he finally stands at the door of his beloved. There he taps at the window pane. His beloved responses by lighting a match within. Tossing by the joy and fear he hears a whisper. This voice fades away in the beating of their hearts in extreme excitements.

d) What is personification ? How has Wordsworth employed this figure speech in the poem ?

Ans: Personification is a figure of speech in which non-human beings and inanimate objects are endowed with human qualities and are conjured up as living beings.

                  In the very first line earth is conjured up as a living being who can ‘show’ her beauty. Again the city is attributed with the quality of wearing the beauty of the morning like a garment. The morning is again personified having the qualities ‘silent and bare’. The sun is personified having the ability to steep ‘in his first splendour’. The river Thames is acting on his own and gliding like a living being. Finally the houses and the mighty city are personified as asleep and lying still.

e) How does the wind play the role of a messenger to activate the world lot day ?      5

Ans: The wind takes responsibility of announcing the breaking of the day.

                                                         In this poem the wind acts as a messenger, urging the living world to wake up to action at the beginning of the day. Coming out of the  misty sea, the wind calls for the end of mists. Then it greets the ships and urges the mariners to sail on. The wind rushes to the far away land, announcing the beginning of the day. The forest, the wood-bird and chanticleer are addressed by it to get up as the dawn has come. It asks the cornfield to bow down and welcome the morning. It also urges the belfry tower to ring the morning bell.

7. Complete the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given (attempt any five)      1×5  =5

a) The Elder Antipholus lived at Ephesus for ——–

i) eighteen years

ii) twenty Years

iii) five years

iv) two years

Ans: ii) twenty Years

b) The lady with whom married Antipholus dined, gave him ——

i) a ring

ii) a letter

 iii) a book

iv) a gold chain.

Ans: i) a ring

c) When Macbeth and Banquo were returning from the great battle, there was——-

 i) torrential rain

ii) sunshine

iii) lightning and thunder

iv) darkness and mist.

Ans: iii) lightning and thunder

d) Lady Macbeth could not kill Duncan because ——-

 i) Duncan resembled her father

 ii) Macbeth did not allow her

iii) there were guards sitting at the door

iv) she was weak and irresolute.

Ans: i) Duncan resembled her father      

 e) Who stole the handkerchief ?—–

 i) Cassio

ii) lago

iii) Emilia, wife of Iago

iv) Montano.

Ans: iii) Emilia, wife of Iago

f) Desdemona was the daughter of———

 i) Iago

ii) Brabantio

iii) The Duke of Venice

iv) Cassio.

Ans: ii) Brabantio

g) Othello had promoted Cassio to the rank of ——

i) General

ii) Duke

iii) Lteutenant

iv) Senator.

Ans: iii) Lteutenant

 h) Banquo was——

i)  ambitious

ii) gentle but clever

iii) loyal

iv) honest but ambitious.

Ans: iv) honest but ambitious.

i) Duncan visited —–

i) Banquo’s castle

ii) Macduff’s castle

 iii) Malcolm’s castle

 iv) Macbeth’s castle.

Ans: iv) Macbeth’s castle.

j) Sir Rowland de Boys’ elder son was ——

i) Orlando

ii) a wrestler

 iii) Adam

iv) Oliver.

Ans: iv) Oliver.

8 .Answer any one of the following questions in not more than 100 words :               5 x 1 = 5

a) What did Viola say to Olivia about her parentage ? What showed Olivia that Viola was a gentleman ? Why did Olivia send a diamond ring to Cesario ?    2 + 1 + 2

Ans: When asked about her parentage by Olivia , Viola remarked that he (she) was a gentle man and his parentage was “Above my fortune, yet my state is well”.

                                                Her gentle behavior and upright way of speaking showed Olivia that Viola was a gentleman.

            Olivia sent a diamond ring to Cesario as she had fallen in love at first sight. It was a token of love to Cesario who was in fact Viola in disguise.

b) What role do the witches play in Macbeth’ ?     5

Ans: Macbeth met the witches at a very crucial moment of his life. They made fair promises for his future. Macbeth learnt that he would be ‘Thane of Cawdor’ and future king of Scotland. The predictions gave him a moral support. The witches just made an announcement but Macbeth began to believe it all true. The witches only voiced the inner working of Macbeth’s mind. Macbeth felt an urge to shape the dream into a deed. In fact the witches just set the ball rolling for him.  

c) Write a note on ‘Othello’ as a tragedy. 5

Ans: Othello is concerned with the theme of love, jealousy, conflict between love and hatred. It is set in a quite private world of Othello and Desdemona. It is artistically designed the complexity and depth of the powerful feelings of love and hatred, jealousy and revenge of human beings. The story is full of contradiction and tension. Othello, a black moor married a white noble lady Desdemona. Iago, a crafty villain shrewdly plots schemes of revenge including Othello, Cassio and Desdemona. His evil ensign corrupts Othello. Othello suspected Cassio and Desdemona. Eventually he killed Desdemona. Soon he realized his mistake and killed himself out of deep agony. Thus ends the life of a great man. This is what we know as tragedy.

d) Who was the banished Duke ? How did he and his followers live in the Forest of Arden ? 1 + 4

Ans: The old Duke was banished from the court.

                          The lawful Duke retired with a few faithful followers to the forest of Arden. Here they lived like the old Robin Hood of England. In the Summer they lay under the fine shade of large trees. They watched the playful sports of wild deer. The winter was extremely cold. Violent cold wind blew accompanied with snowfall. He could find tongues in trees, books in the running brooks and good in everything.

e) Who was Brabantio ? What were Brabanuo’s allegations against Othello ? What did he say after the Duke’s decision ?    1 + 2 + 2

Ans: Brabantio was a rich Senator in Venice.

                                     Brabantio wanted that Othello should be punished. He brought charges against him. He accused that Othello at first seduced Desdemona by witchcraft. The second one was the gross misuse of his hospitality.

                  Brabantio however accepted the settlement. He even warned Othello about Desdemona who had deceived her father and might also deceive him.

9.A) Rewrite the following sentences as directed without changing their meanings :        1 x 7 = 7

i)  Keep the ball rolling. ( Charige the voice)

Ans: Let the ball be kept rolling.

ii) To our shame even our present day art does not get any recognition in our country. (Change into a Complex sentence )

Ans: It is our shame that even our present day art does not get any recognition in our country.

iii) He had been in jail half a dozen times. (use ‘jail’ as verb )

Ans: He was jailed half a dozen times.

iv)  How on earth did he get them ? ( Change into Assertive sentence )

Ans: It was quite surprising that he got them.

v) The coolie said to Lady Lal, “Are you travelling alone sister ?” (Change the mode of Narration )

Ans: Addressing Lady Lal as sister the coolie asked her if she travelling alone.

vi) He could talk on almost any subject. (Change into Negative sentence)

Ans: There was no subject on which he could not talk.

vii) She was fond of little gossip and had no one to talk at home. ( Split into two Simple sentences )

Ans: She was fond of little gossip. He had no one to talk at home.

B) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions : ½ x 6 = 3

Sir Mohan Lal looked ……. 1 ….. himself….2 ….. the mirror…. 3……  a first Class waiting room …. 4…… the railway station.  ….. 5…..  mirror was obviously made …….6 ……India.

Ans: 1)- at,  2)- in,   3) –of,  4) at,  5) the,  6) in.

10)  Write a paragraph in about 150-200 words on “Role of Smart Phones in the present-day. 10

 [ Hints Introduction — role of print media — role of electronic media — role of social media — use and abuse of media — conclusion. ]

Ans:  There is a mismatch between the topic of the paragraph and the hints given. According to the hints the Paragraph should be on ‘Role of Media’.


Develop the following outline into a short story is about 150 to 200 words. Give your story a suitable title. 2 + 8

The wheels of a cart sank into the mud — the carter whipped the bullocks in vain — prayed to the God of strength for help — the God appeared — asked him to put his shoulder to the wheel — the cart moved.


Once a carter lived in a village. He used to carry loads. One day he was passing through a muddy path of a village. The wheels of his cart sank into the mud. The carter became helpless. He started to whip the bullocks. But his attempt went in vain. Then he prayed to God of strength for help. The God of strength appeared. He asked the carter to put his shoulder to wheel. He did it immediately. The cart started to move. The carter learned a great lesson of self-help. He thanked the God and moved on.

Draft an advertisement for the classified columns of an English daily  not more than 50 words seeking faculties for Computer Training Centre in your locality.


Computer Trainer Wanted

Wanted fresh computer Trainer for ‘Modern Computer Academy’ (Baganda, Jangipara, Hooghly) .  Candidates with experience,  pleasing academic record , well command over Bengali and English may contact with full Bio-data within a week. Contact :[email protected]


You want to sell an android phone. Draft an advertisement for the classified columns of an English daily in not more than 50 words giving details  of the mobile set.                          5


Android Phone for Sale

Available Vivo Y 36  model in very good condition. Dual camera. Excellent speakers. Black  in colour. 2GB RAMExternal memory of 16GB expandable upto 128GB. Android 8.1 version. All Google apps pre-installed. Extremely handy and hardy. Usage very less.

Price- 12,000 rupees only. Negotiable. Contact: 9876543210.

12 . A branded departmental store in your area is offering 50 % flat discount on all items till stocks 1asts. Design a a commercial leaflet for this.          5

Class 11 Annual 2022 English Question Answer


Design a a commercial leaflet for a well known institute of competitive studies that is extending a branch in your locality.      5

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