Class 6 Lesson 9 Questions Answers

ক্লাস 6 এর Lesson 9 এর সমস্ত প্রশ্নোত্তর আলোচনা করা হল । সমস্ত আ্যাক্টিভিটির উত্তর ও আলোচিত হল ।
All the questions and answers of class 6 Lesson-9 were discussed. All activities are answered and discussed.

Class 6 Lesson 9 Questions Answers PDF টি সম্পূর্ণ বিনামূল্যে ডাউনলোড করতে এই পোস্টটির নীচে যান এবং ডাউনলোড করুন। এমনকি পাঠটির ভিডিওটিও দেওয়া আছে নীচে ।

Dear Students, পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতির সেরা ঠিকানা, আজ আমরা আপনাদের জন্য নিয়ে এসেছি Class 6 Lesson 9 Questions Answers নিয়মিত
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Class 6 Lesson 9 Questions and Answers

                                        Lesson 9

I Will Go With My Father A-ploughing


Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives and fill in the blanks:

(a) The child will go with his father to the _________   for ploughing. (field/sea/hillls)

Ans: field

(b) The child will sing to the horses along with the____________   .(lark/wren/gull)

Ans: gull

(c) The father sings the seed-song while  __________ .( reaping/sowing/


Ans: sowing

(d) Reaping will be done by the father when the field is ___________ (red/ brown/green)

Ans: brown


Complete the following sentences with information the text :

(a) ___________ will come flocking after the child.

Ans: The rooks, the crows and seagull

(b) The   plough   song   will  ___________      

Ans: bless the clearing share            

(c) The child will go ___________ for sowing.

Ans: to the red field by the sea

(d) The  reapers  are  tan-faced  because  ___________             

Ans: they are reaping in the fields.


Answer the following question:

Why will the father and the child sing while ploughing, sowing and reaping ? (লাঙল, বপন, ফসল কাটতে গিয়ে বাবা আর সন্তান গান গাইবে কেন?)

Ans: The father and the child will sing while ploughing because, they will enjoy their process of work in the field by singing.


Fill in the chart with information from the text:

Name of BirdsActions
(a)                      flocking
(b)                     blocking
(c)                      singing


Name of BirdsActions
(a)      The seagull                flocking
(b)       The crowsblocking
(c)        The finchsinging


Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

(a) What are the three stages of farming? (চাষের তিনটি ধাপ কি কি??)

Ans: The three stages of farming are ploughing, sowing and reaping.

(b) What are the different colours of the field at different stages of

farming ? (বিভিন্ন পর্যায়ে কৃষিকাজে মাঠের বিভিন্ন রং কি কি??)

Ans: The different colours of the fields at different stages of farming are green, red and brown.

(c) What song do the wise men know? (জ্ঞানীরা কি গান জানেন?)

Ans: The wise men know the seed-song.

(d) At what stage of farming is the scythe required ? (চাষাবাদের কোন পর্যায়ে কাঁচের প্রয়োজন হয়?)

Ans: At the last stage of farming when reaping is done, the scythe is required.

                                             Activity- 6 (a)

Fill in the blanks with suitable articles and prepositions:

We went _____   the park and had _____  picnic. I played  _____    a slide and had  _____  chocolate. Then we took _____  walk.

Ans: to,       a,     with,      a,     a

Activity- 6 (b)

Identify the types of sentences given below:

(i) Can we go there?

Ans: Interrogative Sentence

(ii) What fun they had!

Ans: Exclamatory Sentence

(iii) She was not well.

Ans: Assertive Sentence

(iv) Sit down.

Ans: Imperative Sentence

Activity- 7 (a)

Find the synonyms of the following words or expressions from the poem :

 i) gathering in groups : Ans: Flocking

ii) not foolish:                  Ans: wise

iii) person who plant seeds: Ans: farmers

iv) thing used to reap corn:  Ans: scythe

Activity- 7 (a)

Match the following words in column A with their opposites in column B:

(i) patientSorrows
(ii) wiseFast
(iii) slowImpatient
(iv) joysunwise


A                      B
(i) patientSorrows (iv)
(ii) wiseFast (iii)
(iii) slowImpatient (i)
(iv) joysUnwise (ii)

Activity- 8 (a)

Write a story in about sixty words based on the following hints:

an old farmer calls his lazy sons —— asks them to dig up treasure stored in the field —— sons dig up —— field but find no treasure —— farmer asks them to sow seeds —— a rich harvest——  sons understand the value of hard work



Once an old farmer lived in a village. He had three sons. They were very lazy. So the farmer was unhappy. One day he called his sons. He asked them to dig up the soil of the field to get treasure. They went to the field. They dug up the soil but did not get anything. Then the farmer told them to sow seeds of crops. After few months they good a good harvest. They understood the value of labour.

Activity- 8 (b)

Write a short paragraph in about sixty words describing your favourite season. Use the following hints:

name of the season —— flowers and fruits —— vegetables —— festivals —— why you enjoy it



The winter is my favourite season. It consists the Bengali month Poush and Magh. Flowers like marigold, rose daliah are found in Winter. Fruits like grapes, oranges are also found. Farmaers grow various vegetables. Festivals like Saraswati Puja, Shivaratri, X-mas are held in winter. The sky remains clear during winter. I like winter for all these seasons.

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